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Student Health

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Mental Health in College

College is a good platform for learning and self-discovery. At times the pressure becomes too much for young adults, resulting in mental problems.

Student Health

Why we Shouldn’t Overlook our Mental Health in College

Tweet Mental illness is very common among students all over the world today. Most of the mental health issues occur before the age of 23. That’s why college life is

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Top Psychology Careers for 2011

Tweet By Vera Mosely Do you want to find a well-paying job in the field of psychology? Here are the top options in 2011. Psychology is a fascinating field. Many

Book Reviews

Book Review: What to Do When College is Not the Best Time of Your Life

Tweet College is a freeing time, a chance for students to pursue a course of study they want and a great opportunity for young people to discover who they are.

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Mental Illness and the College Student

Tweet Raising Campus Mental Health Awareness We may live in the twenty-first century, but our understanding and social acceptance of mental health issues is wanting. For too long people have

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Is Your College A Pressure Cooker?

Tweet Whoever said that college offers students a restful four year interlude between high school and the working world? Certainly, some students skate through college by meeting the minimum requirements,