5 Smart Tips for Staying Safe on Campus

5 Smart Tips for Staying Safe on Campus
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    As we head into the second part of the school year, it’s important to make safe choices.


A lot of students, new and old, pay attention to precautionary measures at the beginning of the school year, but as we get into this time, more and more people behave recklessly. However, even those who don’t engage in reckless acts are still at a high risk of potentially dangerous situations.

This is why you should follow safe practices while on your college campus. We have a few important tips for staying safe on campus below. From understanding the most common crimes and how those can affect you to learning to trust your gut, hopefully, these tips will keep you safe!

Familiarize Yourself with the Safety Office

This is your basic safety guideline, and hopefully by this time of year you know where the safety office is and where to find emergency alert areas. However, some of you may have transferred schools or simply don’t know where these places are.

Do your best to familiarize yourself with these areas as soon as possible. They play a massive role in protecting students—use them.

Understand That It’s Okay to Leave

If you’re in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, then it is absolutely okay to leave. You shouldn’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings or even about having to lie to get away.

If you or a friend are in a situation where you feel pressured, threatened, or simply just feel in danger, it’s okay to lie to get out of that situation. Trust your gut—if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, then it’s probably for a good reason.

Use the Buddy System

A tip that you probably heard for years is the buddy system. Especially for those moments when you walk somewhere at night, there’s safety in numbers. Maybe your campus has a Campus Escort Program where you can call your public safety office for a ride across campus. You may feel like it’s a nuisance for them to do that, but it is their job, and it is much safer for you in the long run.

other valuable tips:

Party Smart

Parties are a part of college, but that doesn’t mean they need to be unsafe environments. If you head to a party, make sure that you have a buddy with you and you guard your drink at all times. Don’t take a drink from someone you don’t trust or know well— simply stick to drinks you prepared yourself. It may seem excessive, but it’s your main way of protecting yourself, so follow it.

Learn How to Protect Yourself

If you need some empowerment, then sign up for a self-defense class! There’s not much more empowering than knowing how to protect yourself physically—you’ll feel much safer and confident, especially for those of you who live or travel around alone. You don’t need a black belt—all you need are a few classes that can teach you how to keep yourself safe in hazardous situations.

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