4 Projects That Can Benefit Your Mental Health

4 Projects That Can Benefit Your Mental Health
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    College students face a lot of stressors that can contribute to mental health issues.

    Busy schedules, uncertainty about the future, and other complications can create or worsen feelings of depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders.


It’s important to seek professional help when you’re dealing with a mental illness, but you can also incorporate positive habits and projects in your life that will help you take care of yourself and your emotional well-being.

From creative outlets to new hobbies, here are four projects that can benefit your mental health.

Keep a Journal

Journaling about your day is a great way to practice mindfulness and to process what’s going on in your life. Your journal doesn’t have to be full of messy diary entries—although it certainly can be, if that’s what you prefer.

There’s no wrong way to keep a journal. You can fill it with doodles, photographs, or organized bullet journal pages. The important thing is to give yourself an outlet for your thoughts and feelings from throughout the day.

By sitting down and recording this part of your life, you can work through your emotions and gain a clearer understanding of the highs and lows of your day-to-day activities.

Learn to Meditate

Similar to journaling, meditation allows you to practice mindfulness. Mental health issues can create harmful thinking patterns—such as self-deprecation or anxiety spirals—that make it harder for you to productively work through your emotions.

When you practice meditation and other mindfulness techniques, you train your brain to avoid these negative habits. Meditation can also teach you how to clear your mind, making it easier for you to calm yourself down when you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety.

Start a Garden

Spending time outside can help improve your physical and mental health. Fresh air and warm sunshine can prove to be effective mood-boosters, especially when you’re doing something productive with your time in the great outdoors.

Gardening gives you a sense of accomplishment as you create, grow, and care for something with your own two hands. Plus, the versatility of gardening lets you do something you enjoy while taking care of your mental health.

You can nurture your favorite flowers, start an herb or vegetable garden to spice up your kitchen, or even create a bee garden sanctuary to protect your local environment.

other valuable tips:

Create a Workout Routine

You’ve probably heard that exercising is a great way to boost your mood. This is certainly true, but the most effective way of improving your mental health through exercise is to establish a regular routine.

A singular workout can help you out in the short term, but developing a reliable workout schedule gives you long-lasting benefits. In addition to reducing stress and boosting your mood, regular exercise helps you sleep better, gives you more energy, and improves your overall physical health—all things that influence your emotional well-being.

It takes some time and dedication to make working out a habit, but it’s one of the best projects that can benefit your mental health, making it well worth the effort.

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