10 Ways to Stay Healthy at College

10 Ways to Stay Healthy at College
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    Going back to college for the new semester or just admitted? It's time to stress about studies, expenses, as well as your health.

    Just like you have to take an exam for studies, similarly you have to practice mindfulness for staying healthy during college.


Whether it’s going out with your friends or having lunch at the cafe. With the guide here, you will learn how to practice mindfulness at diet, while going through your vigorous study routine.

1. Have your Breakfast

Whether you wake up at noon, or after noon do take your breakfast. Make it healthy, i.e, it should have a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables. You can use nuts or cheese for fats, egg or lean meat for proteins and fruits and veggies for carbohydrates and Vitamins.

2. Have a Pre-Planned Ready to Eat Snack

Prepare packets of ready to eat snacks. You can prepare granola bars and store them in packets, or you can just keep small packets of mixed nuts. You can also grab an apple or two as a snack.

3. Commit Time to Exercise

Commit at least 15 – 20 minutes of your daily time for exercise.

4. Pre-plan Your Lunch before Going to the Cafe

Consider it an exam that you have to take every time you go to the cafe for lunch. Pre-plan what you are going to have if you are going for soup station, hot entree or the salad bar.

You can switch the bun for the salads to take with your grilled chicken, or you can pile up on vegetables to fill you up when enjoying your favorite sandwich wrap.

5. Keep Control of your Caffeine

Too much of anything is bad. If you need coffee to avoid sleep make sure you don’t overdose. 1 – 2 cups are perfectly fine. If you take too much of caffeine or energy drinks, it will only cause insomnia or anxiety.

6. Eat Better Junk Food

If you want to indulge once a day or a week, indulge in high quality junk food. Don’t go for fries or ice-cream, instead go for croissants or pastries that are made with high quality ingredients.

7. Listen to your Hunger Cues

Eat when you are hungry, and eat high quality food that keeps you full for longer. If you feel cravings late at night, recall your day and realise what you have gone through to eat healthy. So, keep healthy snacks to satisfy your cravings at night.

8. Develop a Routine

Practice developing an eating schedule and stop eating 2 hours before bed.

9. Enjoy Food-Spiration

If you fall out of ideas or just want to see other like minded folks, follow healthy living profiles on social medias, such as Instagram, Pinterest etc.

other valuable tips:

10. Order Healthy Food as Takeaway

There are many local food points and services who are offering healthy food as takeaways. You can order from Good Eggs, Fresh Direct or your local CSA. If you are worried about costs, split them with fellow college members. You will find many with similar ideas and habits.


You will find the above tips useful if you are someone who likes to stay healthy while excelling at their academics. It’s best to join college sports team if you are into sports or athletics. For the others, it’s best to enjoy college sports facilities in your free time to shed off those extra pounds piled up during holidays or exams.

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