5 Ways to Improve as a Teacher in 2020

5 Ways to Improve as a Teacher in 2020
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    As a teacher, you are responsible for changing your students’ lives.

    Strive to ensure your students become useful in society.

    To achieve this, you need exceptional teaching skills that can help you inspire the students.


But the question remains,what can make one a good teacher?

If you want to improve the quality of your teaching, you must take some positive steps. Here are five ways to improve your teaching methods.

Embrace teamwork

You will have specific classes to teach in a school, but you shouldn’t operate as if you are in a vacuum. You can’t do things alone. Be free to work together with your fellow teachers and learn from them.

If you need help from a fellow teacher, don’t be shy to ask for it. Likewise, when a teacher comes to you for help, be willing to give that helping hand. Working as a team makes things more comfortable, and the learning environment more friendly.

Also, collaborate with your students and make the learning process look like teamwork. There are a lot of things you can learn from your students that can also improve your teaching.

Don’t be tyrannical in class, but work with your student to help them retain whatever they have learned.

Be passionate when teaching

Students can quickly tell whether you enjoy teaching or you are forcing yourself. Teaching without passion will have a detrimental effect on your delivery.

Teaching the same subject(s) for many years can make you lose passion. If that’s the case, find something that can ignite your love for the subject.

If you can add some field trips, the better. Taking teaching outside the classroom can help in re-igniting your passion, while also helping the students to understand your subject better.

You can also use technology and add games, videos, and music to your teaching to make your classes livelier.

Teach with empathy

What you hear your students say and what you see them do may influence your perception of them. This is why you might think some students are rude or stubborn, not knowing that their behaviors stem from what they experience at home. Some may have underlying psychological issues that need close attention.

That’s what teaching with empathy is all about. You’ve got to know the background of your students before you judge them. Remember that the students you are teaching also have a future of their own.

And it is upon you to help them achieve their dreams. So, do our best not to let them down. If possible, you can take a course in empathy training for teachers to help you better listen to students and teach them.

Continue learning

Continuous learning is perhaps the most effective way to improve yourself as a teacher. To improve your content delivery, you must have extensive knowledge of the field you are teaching. This will also help you respond to questions that students raise in class. There are many channels you can use to learn.

You can go to a library and acquaint yourself with new developments in your field of study, or go online and do the same. When you arm yourself with new knowledge, your classes will be more entertaining and informative.

You can also try to be conversant with general information so you can be an all-round teacher. Read newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, etc. to keep yourself up-to-date with what goes on around you.

Be organized

One of the most important management skills you need as a teacher is being organized. Being organized entails a lot. How do you manage your time? How do you dress when going to class? Do you prepare well for your classes, or you rely on notes you made several years back?

other valuable tips:

Students are very keen on observing their teachers. The moment they realize that you are disorganized and lazy, none of them will be interested in your classes. Going to class late is a no-no to a serious teacher. So, try to be a good time manager.

Teaching has both downsides and benefits. You’ll never find everything running smoothly from the beginning of an academic term to the end. What matters is how you handle these challenges. Try as much as possible to allow any negative feelings affect how you relate with your students. Even if you have a family issue, let this not manifest itself in class.

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