How to Stay Away From a Tick Bite

How to Stay Away From a Tick Bite
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    The best way to listen to nature and have an eye bath with the beautiful colors of the forest is of course going for a hike.

    It is absolutely great to go hiking outdoors, watch nature from a hill, and camp in the evening.


Every minute spent in the forest is very valuable. But people don’t realize that such an enjoyable time might suddenly turn into dangerous and fearful moments, but it is a very common situation.

Fearful moments may not be due to wild animals such as bears, wolves, jackals as you might think. They usually happen because of the bite of a tiny friend.

Due to the Corona lockdowns, most of us are so eager to do outdoor activities. Therefore, as you can guess from the title of this article, I will tell you how to keep your little friends away when you’re outdoors.

Watch Out For Ticks

Ticks don’t carry dangerous diseases in every country. However, you should not ignore the possible pathogens and parasites. If you encounter a tick bite at your location, do not be afraid and terrified immediately. Calm down. A wrong move in fear will invite larger problems than you might think.

If you have been exposed to a tick bite, your best option is to leave the tick where it sticks and reach the nearest hospital, health center, doctor, or veterinarian and leave yourself to trained hands.

If you have to remove the tick yourself, I recommend that you learn how to do this from a doctor at the first opportunity. Since our topic concerns health directly, I refrain from providing information about the intervention.

Of course, the best method is to be protected. You can follow simple but effective methods to keep ticks and similar little friends away from our bodies. I also strictly apply the methods of tick protection written here. So far, I have never encountered a tick bite.

Avoiding Tick Bites by Proper Clothing

  • Be sure to wear long sleeves and pants during trekking.
  • Wear non-tight pants, along with the tick, it will also protect against snake bite.
  • It is possible to keep the ticks away from your skin by putting your pants in socks during periods of ticks.

Staying Away From Tick Bites With Proper Precautions

  • While walking, make it a habit to center the paths. Ticks are mostly found in leaf residues close to the ground.
  • Feel free to use insect repellent spray. No matter how nature-lover, wildlife-loving, and organic fetish you are, spray with the highest DEET substance is the best option to keep these little friends away from you. Prefer products with 20% or higher DEET.

I have to say that although herbal extract insect repellents sound good, they don’t work as well as chemical sprays. I have seen and heard many times that there is no activity left 20 minutes after use, ”I’m talking based on my experience with the mosquitoes”.
If you’re allergic to these sprays though, you must consult your doctor before using these types of products!

  • The insect repellent that you should use for your clothes should contain permethrin. Definitely avoid using repellents containing DEET on your clothes. It is possible to find clothes prepared with insect repellent in some outdoor sports stores.

Things to Do After Outdoor Activities

  • Always check your body when you return home or before sleeping in a tent. The tick loves all over the body. Yet these vigilantes are great at finding hidden places. Areas such as the hair roots, behind the ears, around the belly button, groin, armpit are the most common places. Mostly they look like dark-colored, big spots.
  • Make it a habit to take a shower as soon as you return from the hike. On long nature trips, take care of your personal hygiene more than usual.
  • Don’t forget to check clothing and camping gear as well. If possible, wash your clothes at high temperatures and cycles.
  • Early detection is also an extremely effective method for protection against ticks. If the tick is removed in the first 24 hours after the bite, it is known that the chance of transmitting something harmful is 0. It takes time for pathogens to pass from tick to blood. So you don’t have to panic as soon as you notice the bite.
other valuable tips:

If a disease is transmitted by the tick, there may be redness, itching, warmth in the area of the bite. These symptoms usually disappear after a few days or a month. If you show weakness, muscle & joint pain, flu-like symptoms, it should see a doctor without wasting time. Although not every bite has serious consequences, do not forget to notice these symptoms and start the necessary treatment early.

About me:
My Name is Kaan, I’m an outdoor enthusiast. My biggest passion is to camp in the most beautiful places in the world. You can see my adventures on my site Outdooreager.

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