9 Little Known Benefits of Exercise in College

9 Little Known Benefits of Exercise in College
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    Losing weight has long been the main reason most college students bother to exercise.

    But most college students don't know all the other health benefits of exercise, even the ones who occasionally work out...



Losing weight has long been the main reason most college students bother to exercise.

But most college students don’t know all the other health benefits of exercise, even the ones who occasionally work out. The benefits of exercising is not only limited to losing weight. Some other equally important reasons to exercise while in college¬† include:

1. Boosts your mood and combats depression.

A lot of reading all the time and staying in lectures all day can cause depression. You know what they say about Jack? Work without play makes him a dull boy.

Physical activities stimulate the pituitary gland of the central nervous system to secrete endorphins. Endorphins stimulate the brain to feel pleasure and dull pain by activating the positive reward system of the brain. Comparable to the drug morphine, it can cause a high leading to euphoria causing happiness and improved mood.

Exercise like running stimulate release and production of hormone serotonin.

Low levels of the hormone are associated with depression. Increased production of serotonin during running combats depression.

2. It helps reduce stress.

Colleges are the hub of stress to young souls. A demanding schedule of classes to attend, revising for oncoming exams while trying to beat assignment submission deadlines at the same time. Ask me about it!

Yoga as a physical exercise has many proven benefits. Steady controlled breathing in and out yoga poses relaxes body muscles.

Relaxed body produces relaxing hormone serotonin and stress hormone cortisol levels decrease significantly. Reduced stress hormone cortisol levels helps reduce stress for students.

3. It improves self confidence.

Weight lifting as an exercise has many health benefits linked to improved self esteem. Healthy body and improved posture and physique boosts self confidence. Confident students are free and able to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

4. Improves sleep.

A study research carried out by Northwestern University has proven beyond doubt that aerobic exercise helps with sleeping disorder insomnia. Insomnia is caused by anxiety and stress which exercise helps alleviate.

In addition to increasing sleep duration and quality of sleep, exercise also reduces day time sleeping habits in class by keeping students active during the day.

5. Improves memory.

Research by Harvard medical school has shown that parts of the brain responsible for memory and controlling thinking are slightly larger in students that exercise regularly.

Exercise has also been proven to reduce stress and anxiety which causes interference with the brains cognitive abilities. This helps the brain to perform at it’s peak improving memory.

Cycling also increases circulation of blood to the brain. Development of new blood vessels ensures existing brain cells are well nourished. A healthy brain has better memory capacity.

Planning to Ace those tests? Try exercise for Improved memory.

6. Boosts energy.

Physical activities increase blood flow to the body organs and tissues. Increased supply of oxygenated blood and dissolved nutrients to muscles and other tissues increase energy levels.

other valuable tips:

Energy is the campus currency to have fun. Energetic students fit the campus lifestyle easily.

7. Improves immune functioning.

Toxins and germs are flushed from the body through the excretory system during exercise via sweat and urine. Increased cardiovascular activity increase blood flow to the kidneys. To keep diseases at bay during campus years consider exercising.

9. It strengthens bones.

Weight lifting, rope skipping and running strengthens bones. Your bones compress under pressure leading to their destruction. Remodeling of bones occurs resulting to stronger more resilient skeleton system. Campus years are a great time to invest in the health of your bones.

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