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Job Search

4 Smart Tips for First-Time Nannies

Nannying is the perfect job for a college student. If you have just jumped on the nanny train and are new to this job, you have happened upon just the right information.

College Living

Navigating Freshman Year … Again

It’s hard to even know where to start in this big campus of thousands of people whom you don’t know. The first place to start is to go to your orientation day set up by the university or college.

Student Health

9 Little Known Benefits of Exercise in College

Losing weight has long been the main reason most college students bother to exercise. But most college students don’t know all the other health benefits of exercise, even the ones who occasionally work out…

College Budgeting

5 Reasons Why You Need to Set A College Budget

Setting up a budget in college can set you up for success in school and beyond. Being conscious about your spending is a skill that is important to develop in life –


Factors To Consider When Choosing a Medical Specialty

Medical students are exposed to several areas of general clinical practice during their third-year rotations. When it comes time to apply for a residency, the student should have a strong notion of what area of medicine they want to practice.

Online Education

College Online: How To Make the Most of It

Whether you planned it or not, you’re probably taking online classes right now, thanks to COVID-19. Being in college is a big deal; you’re working toward your career and life goals, and it’s understandable that you want to make the most of it.

Personal Advice

Tips for Managing Back to School Stress

It doesn’t matter if you’re returning to school online or in person, attending classes in the fall of 2020 presents unique challenges.

Study Abroad

Studying Abroad 101: Which Documents Do I Need to Get a Student Visa?

You made a decision to study abroad and your application has finally been accepted? Congratulations, we’re proud of you! However, completing application forms, motivation letters, and other documents won’t be enough to finish the process.

Campus Cars

The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Routinely checking and performing necessary maintenance on your vehicle will keep it running smoothly, in addition to preventing larger, expensive-to-fix complications from arising.

Education Tips

What To Know When Taking Religious Classes

Some universities and colleges offer religious classes to give students a broader world view. These classes can help people develop new perspectives and gain an appreciation for other cultures.

Personal Advice

Signs You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard in College

College is a major transition from the structured life you most likely lived from pre-k to high school. Oftentimes, students are faced with so much newfound free time in their days that they end up spreading themselves too thin with clubs, events, schoolwork, part-time jobs, and social lives.

Personal Advice

4 Ways to Boost Productivity as a Student in College

College life can be fun, but it can also get so demanding. Sadly, these demands and expectations can result in stress, worry, anxiety, and burnout.