5 Diverse College Majors with a Great ROI

5 Diverse College Majors with a Great ROI
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    Higher education gets more expensive every year. Some young people wonder if it's even worth it. Should you go into debt for a college degree?


The answer to this question really depends on what degree you plan on getting and what you do with it afterward. If you’re considering going to university but aren’t sure which major to choose, consider one of these top five college majors that have a great return on your investment (ROI).

We’re sure you’ll find one or close to one that resonates with you and your wallet and results in a job with high earning potential.

1. Human Resources

You won’t be making tons of money out the door, but in time, as long as you work your way to management, you’ll be raking in the bucks. As a human resources professional, you are the liaison between the company and its employees.

You’ll hire and fire people, work out conflicts, pay employees, and more. The average salary for a human resources professional is around $60,000, however, those in upper management positions are often making six-figure salaries. Not a bad gig.

2. Computer Science

Everything is computers these days and technology companies are looking for professionals with a computer science degree to pay you six figures.

That’s right, if you go into the computer science field you can expect a big paycheck, along with an exciting career in both hardware and software.

The average salary for this field pays upward of $150,000 depending on what you do with your degree.

To make this much, you’ll have to reach management. Otherwise, become a computer systems analyst to make just shy of $100,000 or a computer systems research scientist to make about $120,000.

3. Marketing

Marketing is big business on a global scale and many companies either hire their own marketing team or outsource to a marketing agency. Either way, getting your foot in this door can be lucrative.

Marketing involves advertising, copywriting, and any creative way you and your marketing team can come up with to sell a product or service. Like any other major, the higher you climb, the more money you make. In fact, marketing managers can make an average of $141,500.

4. Archeology

Didn’t expect this to be on this, did you? Archeology may not be the most lucrative career on this list, but it is recession-proof, which gives this major a great ROI. According to the census bureau, the field of archeology only had a 5% unemployment rate in 2010.

While many people lost their jobs, archeologists were still teaching, digging, and discovering. Keep in mind, however, that this major is not for the faint of heart. It’s actually hard to secure a job in this field, and once people land one they tend not to leave. Still, if your parents are giving you a hard time about this major, let them know it will survive a recession.

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5. Medical

The medical field is also recession-proof. Not only that, it pays, depending on what you major in. Specialists are the highest paying medical professionals in the field so you may want to think about narrowing down your medical degree to something that is most lucrative.

There are many specialists to choose from, such as sports medicine or a particular doctor, like an optometrist, podiatrist, etc. If you want to make six figures quickly, it may be worth going into student debt to land a lucrative career in medicine.

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