How to Thrive After College

How to Thrive After College
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    Most college students spend their four to six years in school fantasizing about what comes after.

    Glittering pictures of a successful post-grad life push them through term papers and exam weeks and onto the stage at the end of their journey.


The only problem is these shimmering plans for the future aren’t a given, and life after college can promise a slow start to success. That’s why it’s important to learn a few tricks that can help you adjust to being a working adult and plan for all the unexpected expenses that come with being fully independent.


The first thing most college graduates are excited about when they enter the working world is their earning potential. No more living on microwave noodles and peanut butter sandwiches! But, most college graduates also have debt, whether from students or a conventional loan.

This means that some of your money should be going toward paying off debt, ideally as much of it as possible. If you’ve spent four years living on $15,000 a year, try to keep doing that the first few years in your full-time job.

You can put the extra money you have toward paying off loans or into your savings account so you have an emergency fund if your car breaks down or you have to move.


Most likely, you worked a job or two in college to pay the bills while you earned a degree, but adult jobs are an entirely different beast.

You’ll be spending the majority of your time every week in that workplace with those coworkers, so you want to make sure you’re passionate about what you do so you don’t burn out.

You also want to consider picking a career for its future, not its present. As a recent graduate, you’ll be at the bottom of the totem pole wherever you go to work and will likely be tasked with things you don’t want to do or enjoy doing.

This is all part of paying your dues to move up in the world. If you’re interested in the work the company does and have a plan to move up until you reach your dream job, doing those boring tasks won’t seem pointless.

Another note about jobs is to remember you probably won’t get your dream job right away. Plenty of graduates set lofty goals of working for major companies or making huge social changes when they enter the working world, but these aren’t necessarily practical immediate goals

You might have to work at three or four companies before you have the skills and experience necessary to get an entry-level position at your dream company. Don’t be discouraged if you have to build a reputation for yourself; as long as you have a plan to get where you want to go, you can keep your eyes on the prize.


In addition to being responsible for your own finances, doctor’s appointment, and work schedule, you’ll be solely responsible for everything else in your life after your graduate too. Things like cooking dinner, seeing friends, exercising, or enjoying hobbies are all up to you.

other valuable tips:

When you and your friends leave college, everyone will be in a different place in their adult journeys. Some might go straight into a job, some might spend months looking for one. The important thing to remember for yourself is to stay on the path that’s best for you.

Having a healthy routine can go a long way to helping you feel comfortable and stay healthy once you leave college. Try to set a time each day when you exercise, plan healthy meals for yourself, stick to a daily routine, and set weekly or monthly hang outs with your friends so you don’t feel isolated.

Life after college can feel like an entirely new world, but these few tips can help you be happy and successful in your new adult life.

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