Common Mistakes Made When Interviewing for the First Time

Common Mistakes Made When Interviewing for the First Time
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    Whether you're about to leave college and head off to your first big job or are looking for internships, interviewing can cause a lot of stress for those who have never really done it before.


Acing the interview is crucial, but with the right preparation, it doesn’t need to be as daunting as it seems. To set you up for success, we’ve compiled some common mistakes made when interviewing for the first time.

Avoid these, and you’ll put yourself on the right track.

Looking Unprofessional

Not every interview will necessarily require business-professional dress, but you should dress yourself up a little for even a casual position. Wearing regular street clothes to an interview can give the appearance that you don’t particularly care about getting the job you’re interviewing for.

Other mistakes include:

  • Not wearing a tie for business-professional dress code
  • Wearing clashing colors like brown shoes with black pants
  • Not fixing or tying up your hair
  • Wearing wrinkled or stained clothing

Not Showing Enthusiasm

Not every job you get out of college will involve doing what you want to do for the rest of your life, but you can’t walk into an interview with that in mind. If you’re not enthusiastic about getting this position, why would they give it to you?

If you’ve scheduled the interview, you probably have at least some desire to get the job. Show the interviewers your enthusiasm for the position. Otherwise, they’ll choose someone who has a better attitude.

Not Understanding the Position

One of the most common mistakes first-time interviewers make is not knowing what they signed up for. College students can sometimes fall into the trap of applying for so many positions that they lose track of the job or company they’re interviewing with.

Do your research for each position you’re applying to so that you can determine how you’ll be a good fit for it. You won’t impress your interviewer if you have to ask, “What is this position, exactly?”

Not Preparing Relevant Questions

Nearly every interview you have will end with the interview by asking if you have any questions for them. This isn’t the time for complacency.

Conducting research on the company and the position should help you develop questions for the interviewers ahead of time. Asking insightful questions tells your potential employer that you’ve taken this interview seriously enough to research on your own time.

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Focusing on Yourself

The real point of a job interview is to show how you can be useful to the company that you want to hire you. An interview is not the time to talk about how the company can help you get what you want.

While you might interview for a position just for the experience, it’s not a good idea to focus only on what the company will do for your future. Keep the focus on how you can help the company reach its goals instead.

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