Off-Campus Jobs That Are Perfect for Students

Off-Campus Jobs That Are Perfect for Students
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    Working while you're busy earning your degree can be very challenging and can sometimes interfere with your studies, so it's important to choose an off-campus job that offers the hours and flexibility that works with your class schedule.


A job that won’t interfere with your learning or studying.

Working in a Bar or Restaurant

Restaurant and bar jobs are almost a standard for college students. The good news about working in a bar or restaurant as a server, cook, or bartender is that there’s always plenty of jobs available and the hours work well with most class schedules since most bars and restaurants are busiest at night and on weekends.

Another benefit of working in the food and bar industry while you’re a student is that you can earn daily tips, which can be very helpful when you’re a student.

Working in Retail

Retail work is calm and less stressful than working in a restaurant or bar, and you don’t have to work late hours.

Many large retail stores offer competitive pay and benefits for employees, and working a retail job while you’re in school is a great way to meet people, especially if you work in a niche industry like a bookstore, clothing store, or tattoo parlor.

Property Management

Universities and colleges usually have an increased number of apartment complexes or residential properties in the area. Because of this, property management positions tend to be common.

You typically aren’t required to have a degree and can often find positions in either maintenance or on-call positions that are in the evening, which can be perfect for balancing school. Plus, you typically get a discount on housing through the properties you’re managing.

Bank Teller

A bank teller is a great job, but you may have to adjust your class schedule to accommodate the daytime work schedule since banks are open during the day when most college classes are in session.

Also, If you’re studying for a career in the financial industry, working as a bank teller can provide some beneficial work experience.

Animal Caretaker

Working with animals in a shelter, kennel, veterinary hospital, or pet store is a great way to earn some extra cash while you’re in school. As an animal caretaker, you would be responsible for bathing, feeding, watering, and spending time with pets and other animals.

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Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service rep is an excellent job for students who want the option of working from home or in an office setting. You can perform many customer service jobs remotely, which offers students the luxury of not having to travel to a job site.

Customer service representatives handle customer questions and concerns over the phone, by email, chat, or in person.

There are many other off-campus jobs suitable for students who need to earn extra money for books, gas, food, and other living expenses. You should look for a job that’s flexible with your schedule and work hours, low in stress, and offers skill-building experience.

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