4 Reasons Why Physical Notebooks Are Still Useful

4 Reasons Why Physical Notebooks Are Still Useful
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    These days, you can't walk anywhere around a college campus without spotting a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    Technology is a staple for students and educators everywhere—and for good reason.


Typing is faster than writing by hand, and cloud storage and backup drives make your work safer than ever. But technology can’t do everything for us.

That’s why many students and professors across all fields still keep a trusty notebook at their side. From the health benefits of physically writing to the accessibility of a sturdy notebook, physical journals shine where even the newest technology fails.

Discover the reasons why physical notebooks are still useful.

Get a Break From the Screen

How much of your day do you spend looking at a screen? From computers to TVs to mobile devices, it’s hard to escape screen time. Even if you try to unplug, you can’t avoid the fact that much of today’s work and play takes place on a screen.

Working in a notebook helps you take a break from screen time. Whether you write for class, work, or personal interests, this is a simple way to swap out the artificial light of a screen for pen and paper.

Handwriting Is More Beneficial Than Typing

Physically writing notes uses a different part of your brain compared to typing on your laptop or other device. When you make a habit of writing in your notebook, you exercise your brain, improving its mental capacity.

This is one of the biggest reasons why physical notebooks are still useful in a classroom setting. Typing information is a relatively mindless activity, but physically writing your notes improves your memory and makes it easier to retain information.

Notebooks Go Everywhere

Being in college means going everywhere. You never know when you’ll need to look up a piece of information or jot down a new idea.

Electronics have become much more portable over the years, but you may find it inconvenient to drag your computer, charger, and mouse everywhere with you. It’s much easier to keep a thin journal or pocket notebook on hand.

Plus, you don’t need battery power or an outlet to pull out your notebook and write something down. You might not even need to stop walking. Notebooks are the perfect on-the-go method for keeping track of information and ideas.

A Notebook for Every Occasion

From durable, organized notebooks for class to beautiful, customizable journals for personal needs, you can find a notebook to fit any purpose. Use a blank notebook with no preexisting format and customize it to fit your goals and intentions.

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You might have to look through a range of notebook types and formats to find what you need, but the reward is a journal that can record whatever you require.

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