How You Should Be Positioned at Your Gaming Desk

How You Should Be Positioned at Your Gaming Desk
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    After hours of video games, your back aches and you’re adjusting in your seat.

    Here’s how you should be positioned at your gaming desk to avoid discomfort.


When you’re spending the whole day going to classes and lectures, all you want to do when you return home is decompress. Reading a book, going for a quick walk, or having your favorite snack is a great way to unwind.

But some students’ favorite way to unwind is by playing video games. Video games have become more prevalent than ever in society, and they’re a fun way to interact with your friends. However, it can get uncomfortable sitting for long periods. So, here’s how you should be positioned at your gaming desk.

Your Gaming Desk Area

Before even knowing how you should be positioned at your gaming desk, take a look at your current layout. It likely consists of your chair, your desk, your computer tower, and your monitors. See if there’s anything you can adjust to be as comfortable as possible for your gaming sessions.

Make sure your chair supports your back and neck so you aren’t leaning too far forward or backward. Using an ergonomic chair can assist in proper posture, as can a racer gaming chair. They offer lumbar and neck support to prevent leaning and unwanted twisting of the body.

Your Body’s Position

Sitting at your desk can be incredibly uncomfortable physically. It can put strain all over and can affect your natural posture. So, be sure to know how to remedy your cramps and aches. Standing up and walking around between gaming sessions is a great way to reduce eye and body strain. Grab a drink of water, use the restroom, and dedicate a few minutes of your time to remedy your body.

If you suffer from wrist cramping or fatigue, try some arm and hand stretches to loosen up those tight areas. It’ll also help alleviate carpal tunnel pain. You can do other stretches to keep the blood moving through the body and prevent your limbs from being in pain.

Your Comfort Overall

If you play video games for long periods of time, consider accessories that keep you comfortable during those long periods. You can always get blue light glasses to help with eye strain or an ergonomic keyboard to prevent wrist cramping.

Those who stream games online or even play professionally should take breaks, sleep regularly, and stay hydrated. It’s vital to make sure you are at your healthiest when sitting for long periods. Even when you’re just playing with friends, don’t gorge on salty snacks and sugary drinks. Find foods that give you energy and help with mental clarity.

Taking time out of your day to play video games is fun, but don’t let it distract you from taking care of yourself. Whether you’re in college, starting your career, or at a different stage of life, it’s essential to stay on top of your self-discipline. Of course, it’s OK to have fun after a long day of hard work.

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