What Is Spirit Wear and Why Is It Important?

What Is Spirit Wear and Why Is It Important?
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    No matter what school you go to, you can count on the college bookstore and affiliate retail shops to boast a colorful array of campus-related items.


Boisterous apparel and branded spirit wear are more than a fleeting memory; they are the backbone of remembrance, causing all who wear their alma mater’s colors to celebrate and recall their cherished memories.

Whether you are an incoming freshman or decades-past alumni, there is no limit to students’ claim on their college. As you peruse the various options, look for branded items that represent the school so near and dear to your heart.

In the end, you won’t need to ask yourself, “What is spirit wear, and why is it important?”

What Is Spirit Wear?

Spirit wear is a term describing unique college-specific clothes and apparel. These branded items include everything from winter sweaters to lanyard keychains. Spirit wear is all about representing your school’s colors, mascot, and logo. The more you embrace the unique type of clothing, the more fun and festive options you have to wear to sporting events and club competitions alike.

Beyond Wearable Items

Though spirit wear revolves around wearable items for students and alumni, there are other branded products worth mentioning.

When you walk into a campus store, you are sure to find an array of t-shirts, sweaters, coats, and hats that boast the trademark images of your school.

However, these pride-bearing items extend far beyond wearable items. You should explore various mugs, keychains, pencils, notebooks, and even headphones that bear your schools’ insignia.

Why Is It Important?

Spirit wear runs to the very heart of a college or university. Each college boasts a unique culture embodied in its logos, mascots, and color schemes. These three cultural signifiers serve as the basis for collegiate spirit wear that promotes the principles, purpose, and place of a college.

Imagine you attend an Ivy League school, like Dartmouth College, and you want to stock up on Dartmouth apparel. The best way to bring the prestigious brand into your closet is with a few spirit wear items.

How Can You Get It?

The key to your spirit wear wardrobe is to build it over time. Just as fashion trends change over the years, so do collegiate clothing designs. If you outfit yourself with the entire gambit of spirit wear freshman year, then you will have outdated clothing by the time junior and senior year roll around. Don’t let style get away from you and gradually build your spirit wear collection until graduation and beyond.

The next time you wonder, “What is spirit wear, and why is it important,” remember the unique clothing representing college pride. Though you may not particularly like a shirt or hoodie that reps your school colors and mascot, it is vital to have at least one item to support your college or alma mater.

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