Dorm Living: What Are the Disadvantages?

Dorm Living: What Are the Disadvantages?


Certainly the collective groans from some of our followers had no bearing on writing a counterpoint article, but in the interest of “fair and balanced” reporting we bring to you a number of disadvantages in dorm living.

Personal Privacy

When living in a dorm, everyone knows your name. And that is not all that they know about you: your comings and goings, your friends and even your casual acquaintances are subject to inspection and comment.

For people that value their privacy, dorm living will leave them feeling exposed. Your roommate not only knows more about you then you care to share, but has a habit of sharing certain of your perceived annoyances with his Facebook followers. Little did you know that you would become a social media cause célèbre and for all the wrong reasons!

Personal Safety

Your college’s website does a fine job of putting the school’s best foot forward, by publishing numerous photographs of the campus, classroom buildings and the outside of its dorm buildings. Who knew that Mundane Hall is a nationally recognized site prized for its art deco facade?

It is the inside of the dorm buildings that are not so nice, with very few updates made since the 1930s. Halls are poorly lit, your Internet connection is spotty and the hinges on dorm room doors are rusty and desperately in need of lubricating. Then there is the matter of your personal safety: your sixth floor room is convenient to both the elevator and stairs, but if a fire erupted, the outside fire escape appears shaky at best. Living at Mundane Hall has you imagining choosing between jumping six stories to overcome the flames or risking your life by dashing down a smoke-filled stairwell.

Personal Growth

How long will you be tied to your mother’s apron strings? Sure, your parents are nowhere near while you are living on campus, but the same oversight that you had while under their roof exists in the dorm.

You will grow up faster if you decide to find an off-campus apartment and learn to manage your own home yourself. You’ll need to get up earlier to allow enough time for classes, arrange your own transportation to and from campus and shop for your own food. Never mind that you’ll also be responsible for paying rent, your utility bills and battling for limited parking with your neighbors. Hmmm…. come to think of it, dorm living may not be so bad after all!

Apartment Considerations

If you do choose to live off campus, you can defray some of your costs by sharing your home with a roommate. At least with this individual you have a choice in whom you share your living space, therefore carefully find someone that won’t invade your privacy, compromise your personal safety or present the same kind of annoyance you experienced while living on campus.

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