The Ultimate List of Tennis Gear Essentials

The Ultimate List of Tennis Gear Essentials
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    Whether you’re hoping to continue casually playing sports at college or you want to develop a new hobby with your friends, tennis is an excellent choice.

    However, breaking into a new sport feels daunting, especially if you don’t know what equipment you need.


Here is the ultimate list of tennis gear essentials to get started on the court.

Tennis Racket

The first and foremost item you need is a tennis racket. When choosing, check the following aspects: grip width, weight, head shape, and ease of motion. Swing it around a few times and see how the racket feels when going through the motions.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are different from other shoes—they have thicker soles with deep treads to improve grip while moving on the court. You’ll need a pair to support your quick moves and spirited hustle.

Can of Fresh Tennis Balls

If you’ve never opened fresh tennis balls, then you don’t know the exhilarating hiss and snap of tennis ball cans. A can will hold three balls in a pressurized plastic container that preserves their bounciness. You must always have one can of tennis balls; otherwise, you won’t have anything to play with.

If you want decent rallies without stopping every two minutes to pick up the balls, then you should bring two or three cans of balls. You should keep all previous balls and re-can them after playing.

Tennis balls are good for months after opening, so don’t throw them away if they don’t have the same out-of-the-can bounciness.

Tennis Bag

Tennis bags have unique shapes to hold your rackets and other tennis essentials. Though there are dozens of tennis bag styles, the most critical feature you should look for is a pocket that will fit your racket with a long handle.

Racket Handle Wrap

The tennis racket handle features a sticky grip that gives you traction. Over time, though, this surface wears down, and you will need to replace it.

Always have a spare set of racket handle wrap in your tennis bag so you can quickly re-wrap the next time your grip begins to slip.

There are a few varieties to choose from, but the best ones have special sweat-handling materials that address play-time moisture and friction. One quick note to remember is that new grips will give you better control, but they can cause blisters if your hands aren’t used to them yet.

Tennis Glasses

Anyone who needs corrective lenses should have a pair of prescription glasses for racket sports like tennis. If you put in the hustle, tennis is quite intense; the combination of stopping, starting, sprinting, jumping, and twisting will jostle unsecured, normal glasses. You should have a pair of sports glasses or goggles that will stay in place while you run for the ball.

With the ultimate list of tennis gear essentials in hand, you can establish a solid foundation. Remember to always be on the lookout for new tennis gear to ease and improve your game.

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