How To Know If a Roommate Is Right for You

How To Know If a Roommate Is Right for You
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    Dorms and apartments are elements of higher education that can excite yet intimidate you.

    As effective methods that introduce you to the world of independence, living on your own is a massive step towards adulthood.


However, you can approach living in a new space in several ways.

While some students prefer the solitude and quiet of having their own apartment, others plan for living in a shared space with roommates to help alleviate costs and establish potential friendships. Depending on your living preferences, here’s how to know if a roommate is right for you.

Your Lifestyle Habits Align With One Another

While you and your roommate don’t have to be in constant sync with each other all the time, it helps to know that your temperaments and lifestyle align with one another. Ideas of fun can differ between different people, especially if one prefers a night in over the party scene.

Contrasting lifestyles could cause a rift in communication that can lead to more significant problems, mainly if you didn’t discuss concerns before entering into a living agreement.

You Can Consider Each Other’s Schedules

Before making a final decision on your roommate, you’ll want to consider their schedule. Suppose your potential roommate’s day-to-day aligns with your itinerary.

In that case, it allows you to help one another with responsibilities around the shared space and gives you the chance to hang out.

On the other hand, if you operate on opposite schedules, you can benefit from having the residence to yourself from time to time.

However, you can run the risk of potentially waking each other up if you run on differing sleep schedules.

You Have Similar Cleanliness Habits

Cleanliness should be one of the most vital factors to whether a roommate benefits your living situation. For some, living in a clean environment contributes to a healthy mindset, and if their surroundings don’t reflect their needs, it can cause issues within the residence.

Alternately, some individuals don’t mind having clutter around their space. Regardless of your preference, it would help to inquire about a potential roommate’s cleaning style, so you don’t experience surprises.

You Can Trust They’ll Pay Their Portion of Rent

While getting an apartment or residence of any kind with someone you know may seem like a fantastic idea, consider how well you know the person and their ability to pay expenses. While not the case for everyone, the more familiar you are with an individual, the more lenient some can be in asking or paying rent.

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You want to place your trust in someone that can cover their portion on time to avoid conflict with landlords and eviction notices.

Knowing if a roommate is right for you is an individual experience that ultimately falls on your preferences. If sharing a space with others whose habits align with your lifestyle is what you envision for your college experience, then you can start scouting your ideal roomie. Otherwise, enjoy your new residence and have a great year!

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