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What Kind of Car Is Best For College Students?

For most students, living to a budget is simply part of life. However, what happens if you need a car to get to class and you have a tight budget? In this useful guide, we will help you find the kind of car best for college students.

Campus Cars

How Old You Should Be To Rent a Car in the U.S.A

Tweet When you hire a car from an agency, you will not get a driver. You have to drive the car on your own and there is age restriction too.

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Seven Causes of Car Breakdowns

Your car usually runs great, but not today. For some reason it won’t start or perhaps it runs just fine until you hit highway speeds.

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Car Maintenance Scams – Don’t Buy Parts and Service You Don’t Need

Tweet By Cedric Sheldon The tactic, which may or may not be a scam can go something like this — you went in for an oil change and before you

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Is the Scion IQ the Ultimate College Car?

Tweet Diminutive Scion debuts this October. The Scion iQ debuts this fall, a tiny 4-seat microcar that defies easy description. Not much bigger than a Smart ForTwo, this model is

College Budgeting

Best Ways to Save Money During College

Tweet By Joe Keefe College is a time when many people go into serious debt. The cost of an education combined with the lack of time to earn an income

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Ford Makes Texting While Driving Safe

Tweet Of all of the bad driving habits we’ve seen over the years, e.g. applying make-up while cruising down the interstate, reading the newspaper or eating a sandwich while tooling

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Kia Soul Rolls Out Across America

Tweet Here’s something for you marketing majors to think about: your client develops a product geared toward a younger segment of the population — what demographers call “Generation Y” consumers

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Kia Forte Offers Smart Styling, Cool Price

Tweet At this week’s Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors rolled out their latest offering, a five passenger compact sedan called the Forte. Replacing its best selling car, the bland Spectra,

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Will You Embrace The Kia Soul?

When the Kia Soul makes its debut, buyers will have the ability to customize their rides thanks to a variety of from the factory and aftermarket decal options including the one pictured here

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The Perfect New Car For The College Grad?

Tweet This coming Spring an all new Honda model will go on sale, a hybrid car with a familiar name: the Insight. For Honda fans, the Insight name is familiar,

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Hyundai Accent Is Still No. 1!

Tweet There is some good news for college students and their families who are looking for a car. Earlier this month, we reported that the Nissan Versa 1.6 was now