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College Planning

Four Great Tips That Will Help You Get Accepted into College

Getting into college can be a big deal. There are a lot of steps to take and it can be confusing or overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out exactly what you need to be doing.


What is the Admission Procedure at Oregon State University (OSU)?

Tweet About the University: Oregon State University (OSU) is a USA based international public research university that has 11 different colleges. The colleges that are affiliated with the university are

College Search

Ten Things You Can Do Today To Help Get Into College

Tweet 1. Volunteer Get involved in some community service doing something you love. Volunteering doesn’t need to be a bummer. It can actually be really fun and fulfilling. Find an

College Search

4 Tips to Guide Your College Search

Tweet Getting into college is still one of the most competitive hurdles that young individuals face. In America for instance, college admission rates to prestigious colleges remain very low, with

Study Tips

The Right Test to Take For College Acceptance: ACT vs SAT

Today in America the ACT has overtaken the SAT in popularity, which is why parents and students all over the nation are now asking themselves which exam is more important for college acceptance, the SAT or ACT?

College Search

College Applicant Waitlisted: Now What?

You have applied to the college of your dreams or at least to one school that is among your top considerations for attending. Just when you are expecting notification, you receive a thin letter from the school. Uh, oh. It looks like you have been turned down.


Full Payment May Open College Doors

Tweet Payment in full is a term we’re used to hearing when paying for a number of services including car repairs, electrical work, plumbing, and more. When it comes to

Campus News Education Tips

Slick Essays Are Too Good To Be True

Tweet College admissions officers are seeing a rising trend in one important part of the college application process. Along with the application itself, prospective students are required to submit an