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College Budgeting

How to Manage Your Expenses as a College Student – The Ultimate Guide!

There is no way to bypass the cost and expenses but with a few smart decisions and a little budgeting, you may have some life left in your when it’s all over and time to graduate!

College Living

3 Sensible and Easy Bill Management Tips for College Freshmen

Tweet This is also probably the first time you have really had to take charge of your money and pay some, if not all, of your own bills. Managing all

College Budgeting

7 Tips on How to Set up a Budget in College

Tweet Sadly, this kind of thinking can quickly lead you to debt, something you most definitely want to steer away from. Chances are your student loans will provide a significant

College Planning

Don’t Be Me

Tweet GO TO COLLEGE! This is the story of another friend of mine who went to college: I bet your family, teachers, and guidance counselors have all said the same

College Living

Meal Plans and the College Student

Eating right or even eating at all should never be taken for granted. For college students, the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board, and related expenses can put a crimp on their finances, causing “food insecurity” for some.

College Budgeting

How to Join a 529 College Savings Plan

Tweet If you think that college is expensive today, fast forward to 2030 when costs may eclipse the current value of your home. Tuition and related college expenses are rising

Personal Advice

College Tax Deductions: Do You Qualify?

Tweet January is the month when taxpayers begin to assemble all of the forms, publications, and receipts related to the 2009 tax year. By early February you should have your

College Budgeting

Kiss Your College Bookstore Good-bye!

Tweet According to Student PIRGs, the nonprofit public advocacy group behind the Make Textbooks Affordable website, college textbook costs have increased by four times the amount of inflation since 1994.