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What are the Most Effective Ways to Save on College Tuition?

Tweet However, there are some easy and effective strategies that you can put into practice today to drastically reduce the cost of your college tuition. Stay in State The cost


How FREE is FREE Tuition?

Tweet More often than not, countries from Europe which have no tuition fees are given as positive examples – but is this something that is realistically possible in the U.S?

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Why are College Costs so High Right now? Here are 5 Reasons

With the student-debt crisis going on, the question inadvertently arises: why exactly are tuition costs this high? For the endlessly soaring prices, what seems expensive today will be a staggering cost by tomorrow.

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College Savings Plans by the Numbers

You’ve been socking away money for years to cover your son’s or daughter’s college education. Or perhaps you have several children and have been amassing a small college savings plan for each one.

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Can Obama Help Make College Affordable?

Tweet President Obama’s State of the Union speech on Jan. 24, 2012, covered a number of topics. Higher education was one of his themes. Obama, who is seeking a second

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Book Review: Debt-Free U

Tweet Tackling the college cost conundrum A UMass senior believes families are needlessly taking on too much debt in hopes of giving their adult children a head start in life.

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Millionaire College Presidents Raise Eyebrows

Tweet It isn’t too difficult for people to become a millionaire these days even in a tough economy where the value of stocks, bonds and real estate have been greatly

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Last Ditch College Funding Ideas

Tweet What a shame it is to hear that many students who are just days away from starting college still don’t know what their tuition bills will be for this

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Despite Economy, College Tuition Increases Continue

Tweet Businesses learn to cut back when things are tough, even many local and state governments find a way to keep expenses in check, but when it comes to our


Should Colleges Start Reducing Tuition?

Tweet There are three expenses in life which never seem to go down, only up. They are: taxes, health insurance and college tuition. There are probably a number of other

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You Can Save Big Bucks On College Tuition

Tweet Anyone who has opened up their investment account statement since the stock market nose-dived earlier this fall has come face to face with a grim reality: monies saved for

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How To Beat The High Cost Of College

Tweet College tuition costs continue to rise, outstripping the rate of inflation year in and year out. Add in room and board, fees, books, labs and related expenses and the