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Is Pursuing a Journalism Degree Still Relevant Today?

Higher education has changed over the decades as some fields of study that were once considered of prime importance no longer seem so relevant.

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Fastest Growing Occupations, College Degree or Not

The two fastest growing occupations are expected to see an approximate 70 percent increase in jobs from 2010 to 2020, but neither one requires a college education.

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How to Prepare for Graduate School in Canada

Tweet Besides, many universities have highly competitive programs and the students that are sufficiently prepared may have an edge over those that are not. Whether you are a Canadian citizen

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Accounting Association Notes Strong Demand for Accounting Grads

Tweet Demand for Accountants One group of recent grads won’t have much trouble finding work this year. That’s because demand for accounting grads is strong according to a report issued


Can I Get a Job With an Online MBA?

Tweet By Philip A. Rudy You are ready for a change  — you are sick of your daily grind and need something new and refreshing in your life. Maybe you


Iowa University Rolls Out $2 Million Scholarship Initiative

SayCampusLife has long encouraged readers to research available scholarships as an important way to fund their education.