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College Living

5 Productive Ways for Anyone to Participate in College

Attending college is a very important stage in life. It is a stage of personal and professional development. A person’s future success is anchored on what they get out of college.

Education Tips

Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Grades (and Happiness) in College

Tweet When it comes to college, the success or failure of the students is determined by the amount of effort they put into studying. The secret to success is hard

College Living

The Art of Saying “No” in College

A story and lesson to learn from one of my other college friends, here are his thoughts: Saying “No” is hard.

College Living

3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Join a Club in College

As someone who has attended community college, I have learned a lot about career planning and clubs. Many people are led to the common misconception that sports are the only way to get yourself out there.

Career Planning

Six Steps to Prepare for Your Career While in College

Your time in college will fly by fast. Before you know it you will be on stage, collecting your degree and turning your tassel. Hopefully, you’ll have a job offer in hand too and ready to launch your career.

Personal Advice

College Evaluation: Which One is Right for Me?

It happens so often: a high school student narrows down his or her college choice list to just two schools, but is unable to make a final decision. Time is of the essence, both colleges have accepted you, and you want to make your decision so that your final months while at high school are memorable and enjoyable.

College Search

College Applicant Waitlisted: Now What?

You have applied to the college of your dreams or at least to one school that is among your top considerations for attending. Just when you are expecting notification, you receive a thin letter from the school. Uh, oh. It looks like you have been turned down.

Education Tips

How to Successfully Navigate the College Application Process

September is the first full month of education for most high school students with many seniors understanding that this is the last year that they will see some of their friends.


How to Overcome a Low GPA Obstacle

Tweet 1. College entrance exams. Many colleges and universities require students to take an SAT or ACT test, which can provide a good indicator on how students will perform academically

Education Tips

7 Essentials of the College Application Process

Tweet You can increase your chances of college acceptance. Colleges and universities are receiving record numbers of applications, making it very likely that one or more of your favorites will

Education Tips

Navigating the Path From Homeschool to College

Tweet Millions of students are or have been homeschooled, the product of a movement that has been around for decades, but has gained strength in recent years. Dissatisfied with their