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Job Search

A Great Career Counselor will Prepare You for Life After Graduation

You want to make sure that you can land a job after you actually get your degree. A guidance counselor that is unaware of the different career prospects in your given field is not very helpful.

College Planning

7 College Wait List Strategies

You have just learned that you are in the equivalent of college purgatory. In other words, you have been wait listed by your top college choice.

Personal Advice

Questions HS Students Should Ask Their Guidance Counselors

You’re in high school and have plans to attend college. Like many high school students, you’re trying to do your best academically to secure a high spot amongst your graduating class and to polish your college-bound credentials.

College Budgeting

Will Your College Waive its Application Fee?

When you apply to college, you will almost always be required to pay an application fee.


What You Need to Know About College References

Your admission to college is based on several factors including your grades, your test scores and your extracurricular activities. Another factor, sometimes not recognized for its importance, are the personal references you include with your application.


Bad Grades? You Can Get Into College.

Tweet Overcoming your high school slump to pursue a college education. This is possible because there is a college for just about anyone including the student whose GPA barely allowed