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What is the Best Kind of Laptop for College Students?

Tweet Discussions and modules are also posted online for students to read and participate in. So as you can see, without a laptop, learning in college is difficult. But, not

Personal Advice

How to Get Ready to Go Off to College

Tweet Personal effects — You need to look and smell good while on campus which can mean different things for different people. Bath towels and washcloths; dental floss and toothpaste;


4 College Laptop Buying Tips

Tweet Besides tuition, room and board, books and scads of fees, there are other expenses associated with attending college including the purchase of a laptop. Some schools offer incoming freshmen


8 Tech Gadgets Every College Student Should Consider

Tweet By Tom Tessin Every year that I look at the new, incoming freshman for the year, I’m always fascinated by the technology.  I didn’t really graduate that long ago