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College Students Make a Fashion Difference for the Disabled

People with disabilities face challenges including what to shop for in new clothing. Finding clothing that looks and feels right for an amputee and for others with specialized needs can be daunting.

Career Planning

5 Highly Unusual College Majors

Your degree in engineering or business administration is the typical run-of-the-mill educational path for millions of college students. Some colleges, however, seek to offer majors that can only be described as unusual, providing ways for students to obtain a degree in an area that may be unique to their field.

Campus News

Is Congress Trying to Put For-Profit Colleges Out of Business?

Tweet Bill seeks to defund taxpayer supported marketing campaigns. Some schools have run into regulatory and repetitional trouble, casting a dark shadow over the entire industry. Senate Bill A bill

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5 Creative Ways to Make Money

Tweet Extra cash for cash-strapped college students. College students will often turn to work as a way to bring in some income. However, if your schedule is full, you may

Career Planning

Career Choice: Public Relations Specialist

Tweet Turn your gift for public speaking into a career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 24 percent job growth for all public relations specialists by 2018, a

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Kia Soul Rolls Out Across America

Tweet Here’s something for you marketing majors to think about: your client develops a product geared toward a younger segment of the population — what demographers call “Generation Y” consumers