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How To Take Notes Effectively in College (Part 2/2)

Tweet Continue from Part 1: taking notes effectively #3 Develop a Note-taking Method That Works for You. Most of the people that take notes on a regular basis cannot read

Education Tips

How To Take Notes Effectively in College (Part 1/2)

Tweet You do not have to work in a big company or to be a student in order to take notes. Notes are helpful even in informal situations like writing

Study Tips

How to Approach Learning and Studying in College

Tweet 1) Take good notes. Very few college students leave high school having mastered this skill. First, always take all the notes for each particular class in one notebook. The

Study Tips

6 Essential Study Tips for Lowering Your Stress Level in College

Tweet Let’s face it: college can be stressful, and without careful planning and time management, it can get overwhelming. Between classes, work, and extracurricular activities, when are you ever supposed

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Study Tips for New College Students From a College Professor

Tweet Advice from a college professor I know: Jeremy was an honor roll student throughout middle and high school. But during his first semester he quickly found himself falling behind.