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The Value of Interdisciplinary Research

Contemporary research is distinguished by a growing need for specialization in a specific discipline.

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A List of 15 of the Most Helpful Online Research Resources

Tweet The biggest struggle any college student goes through is, first and foremost, exams. The second biggest struggle is finding the most appropriate materials for writing papers. There are, of

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Term Paper Essentials for College Students

Tweet As much as you may wish that you did not have to do them, term papers are a fact of academic life. Simply put, a term paper is a

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Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

Tweet You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do. By staying the course, you hope to reach certain

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Missouri Researchers Tie Physical Activity to Vascular Health

Tweet Specifically, Missouri researchers “found that reducing daily physical activity for even a few days leads to decreases in the function of the inner lining of blood vessels in the

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How to Ace a Last Minute Assignment

Tweet For whatever reason, you have either put off an assignment to the last minute or your professor has suddenly sprung a paper on you with little time to lose.

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College Worth: The Experts Weigh In

A generation ago, if you attended college and walked away with a bachelor’s degree, there was a good chance that a job offer and a career path were awaiting you.

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University of Michigan: US Roads Are Safer

American highways and byways take the lives of tens of thousands of people each year. A number of factors are at play here including: drunk driving, inexperienced drivers and poor road conditions.

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How to Tackle a Lengthy Report With Little Time to Spare

Your big report is due next week and you haven’t even started it. Your professor approved the title, but that is as far as you have gone.

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University of Michigan: New Vehicle Emissions Down 21 Percent

Buying a new car offers a number of important benefits for consumers including the latest technologies, improved fuel efficiency, and better crashworthiness.

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NASA Announces its Research Fellowship Grant Winners

Tweet 48 students receive research support from America’s space agency. NASA’s space shuttle program may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean America’s space agency has given up on its quest

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15 Tips For Writing Your College Term Paper

Tweet It is April and you haven’t started your term paper yet. Shame on you! Seriously, procrastination is an art form and it can be fun to watch panicked students