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Career Planning

Career Choice: Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Marketing campaigns are launched after much research with market research analysts and marketing specialists responsible for gathering the information required to manage same. These professionals analyze local, regional and national trends, examining data to determine prices and sales, and to review what their competitors are doing.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Software Developer

Systems-level software developers remain in great demand, individuals skilled at creating, designing and testing software for a variety of computer application purposes.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Pharmacy Technician

In most states you do not need a college degree to work as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of a pharmacist and may measure, mix and count out medications as prescribed, labeling bottles and ensuring that correct dosages are used.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Survey Researcher

Taking surveys is one thing, but the work behind such surveys is exhaustive. Professionals, known as survey researchers, are tasked with planning and developing surveys based on certain objectives.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Logistician

Tweet They’re responsible for the entire life cycle of the product from its acquisition, through its development and on to its completion and delivery to customers. Duties Logisticians must possess

Career Planning

Career Choice: Social Worker

Tweet Successful social workers are one-part idealists and the other part realists, knowing that they can touch many lives, but also understanding that their work has its limits. Yet, this

Career Planning

Career Choice: Physician Assistant

Tweet Make an appointment to see your doctor and a physician assistant may handle your care directly including prescribing medicine. Such professionals are graduates of an accredited educational program with

Career Planning

Career Choice: Retail Buyer

Tweet Behind the scenes an army of buyers are busy, planning future purchases, reviewing inventories, negotiating prices with manufacturers and ensuring that store merchandise is current and priced competitively. Buyers

Career Planning

What College Professors Make

Tweet As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 1,756,000 people employed as postsecondary teachers, including college professors. The forecast for this profession is bright,

Campus News

Bachelor Degree Achievement Tops 30 Percent

Tweet Percentage of college-educated Americans reaches new high. This news comes from the U.S. Census Bureau in its report, “Educational Attainment in the United States: 2011,” that was released last

Career Planning

The Average Salary of a Writer

Tweet Where the jobs are! Writers work in a variety of industries with some working as reporters, others as public relations specialists and still others finding work as freelance writers.

Career Planning

The Average Salary of Automotive Engineers

Tweet Where the jobs are! For college students majoring in engineering, the job prospects have brightened considerably in recent months. That’s because car manufacturers are looking for students who are