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Education Tips

Should You Consider a Gap Year?

Finishing high school and then heading straight to college has been the practice of millions of Americans for decades. It is a rite of passage usually taken for granted, especially among professional career aspiring young adults.

Education Tips

College Juniors: Consider Studying Abroad

What might be the best advice that anyone can give to a college junior? Some may say, “Opt for a double major,” while others may emphasize, “plan for your master’s program now.”

Study Tips

10 Survival Tips for College Students

You’ve been told, “College will be over before you know it, so enjoy it while it lasts.” While this mantra certainly offers some truth, it does not take into account those lonely, dark times at night when you wrestle with a term paper or simply wonder if your major is right for you.

Advanced Education

Getting an MBA, and Why It’s Worth the Effort

Tweet However, in the current climate, and with so many people out of work, you often need to take that extra step to get the most out of your education.


The UK’s 5 Best “New” Universities

Tweet By Matt Deo The term ‘new universities’ refers to any of the former polytechnics, central institutions or higher education colleges that were granted university status since 1992, when the


4 Alternative Energy Schools

Tweet America’s deep dependency on foreign sources of energy have hurt the country immensely. We’re subject to the whims of an oil cartel and must compete with emerging nations for

Personal Advice

Study Abroad – Don’t Miss Out

Tweet By Cathryn Johnson I graduated from college a few years ago. At the time I couldn’t wait to get out, and into the work force. I took summer school.

Campus News

GI Bill Study Abroad Clarification Issued

Tweet Students eligible for college funding under the GI Bill have a wonderful benefit available to them. But with so many people living and working abroad, taking college classes at

Personal Advice

7 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Summer

Tweet Think: Personal Enrichment Lots of college students have finished up their studies for the academic year and are now embarking on a 3 month plus break from their studies.

Campus News

Top 10 College News Stories In 2009

Tweet A new year has arrived and with it the promise of a fresh start, new opportunities, and a chance to reach important milestones in our lives. A number of


Looking Back: Fab Five Posts For 2008

Tweet First of all, many thanks to everyone who has stopped by SayCampusLife.com to check out what we’re all about. 2008 was our first full year (we celebrated our first

Education Tips

Prepare Today To Study Abroad Tomorrow

Tweet One of the best experiences for today’s university students are the “study abroad” options available to them. Now more than ever students are pursuing spending at least one semester