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Job Hunting With Social Media

Is it possible to find a job using social media? Yes, absolutely. And when you use social media in its broadest definition to encompass message boards, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, and other sites, your chances of finding work may be better than the person who isn’t particularly Internet savvy.

Social Networking

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter

Tweet You can become a Twitter pro. Twitter is the ultimate short messaging service, a 140-character method of connecting with the world. Done right, Twitter can help you make contacts,

Social Networking

5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following

Tweet If you’re looking for way to increase your Twitter following without attracting spammers only, there are five steps you can take to ensure that you’re worth following: 1. Offer

Social Networking

10 Twitter Tips for College Students

Tweet Certainly, you can use Twitter to goof off or tell everyone you’ll meet them in the media center at 2:15 and see who shows up. You can also risk

Fun News Social Networking

5 Twitter Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Tweet By Jeremy K. Armstrong Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites, with tens of millions of people using it to advertise their businesses and for linking

Social Networking

Social Media Rules The Internet

Tweet By Claire Jarrett On one episode of her popular reality show, comedian Kathy Griffin put her elderly mother in charge of answering questions on Kathy’s social media websites. It

Social Networking

Google Me: Facebook Challenger or Social Media Pretender?

Tweet Rumors have been swirling since last weekend that Google is up to something big in social media. And that “big” is reportedly being designed to take on Facebook, by

Career Planning

10 Tips to Getting Your First Job

Tweet The job market is tough, but that’s no reason to dread graduation day. The job search for any recent college grad student is a grueling and up-hill process, but

Campus News Social Networking Technology

Twitter Phishing Expedition Widens

Tweet You’ve been hacked! Unfortunately, you may not even have known it. Until someone asks you about your direct message to them where you mentioned that you have been having


Twitter Local Trends: Campus Useful?

Tweet Twitterati who logged onto Twitter at any point from last Wednesday on discovered a new feature at their disposal. Local trends is here, a way for people to track


San Francisco Institutes Open Source Software Policy

Tweet Tech students take note: the city of San Francisco recently announced a new software policy where Open Source is now the rule of the land. At least where city

Career Planning

Facebook & Your Job Search

Tweet Today’s college students are among the most adept users of current technologies, people who will soon be putting into practice these talents when they launch their careers. No longer