Will The Apple iPad Change Everything?

Apple iPad

Apple iPad arrives March 2010.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the Apple iPad would be released, but when the news went down this past Wednesday there wasn’t much else that people wanted to talk about.

Too bad that it upstaged President Obama’s state of the union address that night!

Steve Jobs

In any case, the Apple iPad is big news demonstrating once again that the magic touch still works wonders especially where Steve Jobs is concerned.

Just in case you missed the announcement or were too busy taking notes in your Renaissance Literature class (yeah, right) let’s take a look at what the Apple iPad is all about:

Tablet computer – Featuring multi-touch technology, the iPad has a 9.7 inch screen and is as thin as similar products such as Amazon’s Kindle but with way more features. You will be able to surf the net, read newspapers, play games, watch movies, read books, and so much more. Plus, you will get all of the apps made for and available from iPhone. According to Tech Crunch, the iPad will put the Kindle out of business – it is that far advanced!

Usability advantage – You will hear plenty to comparisons between the iPad and Kindle, so get used to it! Seriously, what will likely rock for most users is being able to swipe through pages when reading a book whereas with Kindle you have to click a button. Maybe not a big thing for some people but if you’re planning to use iPad extensively your using pleasure will be enhanced thanks to its size, bright colors, and easy navigation.

AT&T connection – Although I am not personally found of AT&T (hey, I use Verizon), Apple has decided to stick with this carrier in order to give users access to the internet. When the product first begins to roll out in late March, wi-fi access through AT&T will be available. Weeks later, you will be able to buy an iPad that will feature wi-fi and 3G coverage. The only drawback, which may prove to be a major one, is that AT&T is struggling to keep its network up as customer demand for the iPhone remains strong.

Price point – Apple is boasting that its $499 price will compete with the Kindle while offering far more amenities. While I won’t dispute these claims, they do carry an important asterisk with them. First of all, that $499 price is for wi-fi access only. If you want wi-fi access and 3G coverage you will pay more, perhaps much more depending on whether you want more than the standard 16G of flash memory. The top of the line model will retail for $829 and then there is the matter of internet service which will cost you between $15-29 per month. Unlimited coverage could cost you a mint with a two-year contract.

Battery Power

Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the half-inch thick iPad is phenomenal for all that it can do given its size. 10 hours of battery power should be enough for most on the go users who can easily recharge their unit when it is not in use. However, with Bluetooth connectivity me thinks that serious users will want to purchase a supplemental lithium-polymer battery to have on hand just in case.

Source: Apple Computer, Inc.


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