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College Schedule Tips and Tricks

College students often experience anxiety while working on their class schedules. Some classes are offered only at certain times of the year while many classes require students to complete prerequisites before signing up.

Education Tips

Should You Consider a Gap Year?

Finishing high school and then heading straight to college has been the practice of millions of Americans for decades. It is a rite of passage usually taken for granted, especially among professional career aspiring young adults.


Online College Courses and How to Take Them

Online courses are nothing new with millions of students enrolled in them from around the world. The Internet has opened up education possibilities and options that did not exist a generation ago, enabling individuals to pursue undergraduate and advanced degrees alike.

Campus News

Still Undecided? College Decision Day Looms.

Tweet Chances are that one or more college staff members have been in touch with you since you were accepted by them. A U.S. News & World Report article, As

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How to Put Up With Your College Roommate

Tweet Whatever, you’re stuck with your roommate for the rest of the academic year. And, if you don’t learn to get along, you’ll both be driving each other crazy, perhaps

Book Reviews

Book Review: Math For Grownups

Tweet Resurrecting Math 101… for adults. We’re taught from a young age how to add numbers, subtract, multiply and divide. By using numbers wisely and accurately, we can figure out

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The Cost of Dropping Out

Tweet By Parker Boyack The reality is, dropping out not only is bad for yourself, but for the country as well. The average lifetime effect of dropouts is — $5,191,

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5 Fun Activities For Winter Break!

Tweet Colleges and universities across the nation are finishing up their fall semesters giving students a long break that will last them through Christmas, New Year’s Day and, in some

Career Planning

You Can Become An Aviation Mechanic!

Tweet Way back in 1992, I was hired by a business aviation company to provide writing services involving updating flight, mechanic and cabin crew manuals, as well as writing related


Skip College? Good Advice For Some.

Tweet Over the past four decades or so, graduating high school students have been encouraged to continue with their education by attending a college of their choice. For some, this


Iowa University Rolls Out $2 Million Scholarship Initiative

SayCampusLife has long encouraged readers to research available scholarships as an important way to fund their education.

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Online Learning, Not So Distant

Busy adults who cannot find the time to set foot on campus are embracing online learning like never before. Millions of students are enrolled in programs where distant learning is emphasized, often with no requirement to ever attend school in person.