Study and Party Tips: Work-life Balance in Action

Study and Party Tips: Work-life Balance in Action
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    It is often said that your student years are your best years.

    The truth and application of the hypotheses may vary from person to person and with the change in perspective, a new-found respect for a certain phase of life is born.


Most of the time there is a trade-off between being a party guy or a high scorer. Here are some tips that will help you strike a balance between the two, exude brilliance in both the fields and be the cynosure of all eyes.

1. Grab attention

When it comes to partying the right way, it all boils down to how extraordinary your party is. Suggest themes like newspaper theme, where everyone dresses in newspapers or a theme like ABC (anything but clothes) where everyone dons something that is not made out of cloth. Be creative and unleash your imagination.

Hit the party circuit at the peak time when the most people are present and good food and drinks is doing the rounds. Talk to people and be a part of the crowd. Drink moderately and enjoy the music. You can dance and involve other people as well.

The key to being successful here is having an amiable personality and being genuinely interested in other people’s concerns.

2. Study tips

Here there are no shortcuts and sincerity, though cliched, is the key.

Go through what has been taught in class the same day to grasp the subject better and test your understanding. Spend some time thinking and analyzing any sample problems that can be found. Improve your interest by motivating yourself to listen carefully and understand in class. Gain sound understanding by delving deep into important concepts.

The secret is to put all your attention into the subject that you are studying. Turn off all distractions while studying. Store your movies and entertainment goodies in external hard drives, well out of reach while studying. Put your phone on silent and sign out from social media for the duration. Study in half hour sessions and take 5 mins break in between.

Always keep track of your assignments and progress using a message board or a white board. Scribble about things to do and materials to be learnt while organizing your schedule.

The reason why you can study and party well is that both are needed to make you feel accomplished. If you miss out on the party circuit while studying, you will feel that you sacrificed a lot to reach a certain position in life. If you under perform in academics, you will feel that you are not doing justice to your knowledge and talent.

So, strike a balance by knowing the right mix of both the essential ingredients. Know when to stop an activity and start the other. Also, stressing over something will not yield positive results. Take it easy by planning, organizing and executing your day brilliantly.

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