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College life: What do You Miss From Your Campus?

Tweet For most of us who had gone through it, it marked the point where we felt the full ownership of our lives. It was an opportunity we earned. We

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How to Spend Thanksgiving at College

Contrary to what some people think, not all college students are able to get home for Thanksgiving break. Indeed, some colleges hold classes the first two days of the week before giving students off for the rest of the week.

College Living

The Pros and Cons of Dorm Life

You are heading off to college and will soon encounter a familiar environment: West Hall, the dorm building you have lived in for the past two years.

Education Tips

Your First Semester at College: How to Prepare

With high school now behind you, it may be time for you to turn your attention to higher pursuits. Namely, your higher education or what is best known as college or university.

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College Evaluation: Which One is Right for Me?

It happens so often: a high school student narrows down his or her college choice list to just two schools, but is unable to make a final decision. Time is of the essence, both colleges have accepted you, and you want to make your decision so that your final months while at high school are memorable and enjoyable.

Campus News

Study Reveals That Student Housing Proximity Matters

Not every college student wants to live where rents are the cheapest.

College Living

Dorm Living: What Are the Disadvantages?

Yesterday, we took a look at the advantages of dorm living, making our case for living on campus.

College Living

Dorm Living: What Are the Advantages?

Living in a dorm is an important part of the college experience, making it possible for students to easily connect with one another and to avoid the extra responsibilities of managing off-campus housing.

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About College Campus Winter Break Visits

Tweet The gap between fall and spring academic semesters represents a four- to six-week winter break and you will be off from school yourself between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


12 Tips for Succeeding at College

Tweet You can succeed at college — here is how. 1. Let’s face it: you really do not know what it takes to succeed at college, especially when you’re just

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Off to College: How to Spend Your Summer

Tweet Your summer between high school and college can be a memory maker. Use this time wisely and you’ll head off to school with fond memories in tow, a repository

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Off to College: Newbie Freshmen Edition

Tweet You’re nervous, but no can or should blame you. In any case, congratulations — you made it to college! Your first few days at college will be busy with