Dorm Room Closet Organization Strategies

Dorm Room Closet Organization Strategies
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    One area of surprise for incoming college freshman when they complete freshman orientation is their dorm room. Not just the personality of their dorm buddy, but the layout of the entire room.


Most dorm rooms are small and if they include a closet, these usually offer precious little space to store what you and your dorm partner possess. You may not wish to invest in a full-blown and pricey closet organization system, but there are ways you can whip your closet into shape.

1. Get organized. Before you and your room mate fill up what is likely your sole closet, decide what needs to be placed in there. It may turn out that some items can be boxed and kept under a bed while other stuff might remain in a chest. Keep only essential items in your closet and you will avoid the clutter problem that is sure to arise otherwise.

2. Start painting. If your closet shelves are some other color besides white and you are allowed to paint them, then do so. Choose white paint to add definition to the room. Choose self-adhesive wallpaper for the back wall. Painting and wallpapering demonstrate pride of management.

3. Make use of corners. Corner areas of closets can sometimes turn into dead space. You can revive that area by sticking boxes and luggage that cannot fit elsewhere in there. Fill your boxes with important paperwork and your luggage with seasonal clothing. Swap out your clothes on a regular basis; invest in moth repellant to keep wardrobe devouring insects at bay.

4. Opt for wire mesh baskets. Wire baskets that can fit on open shelves are perfect for placing items you want to see and reach for as needed. Organize your winter gear including hats, gloves and scarves; in warmer weather put in your cap, sandals and your bicycle helmut.

5. Invest in accessory bags. With free room a premium, you can maximize your space by investing in a hanging shelf organizer. Organizers hang from closet rungs and are usually open at the front with up to six shelves. Stack your towels, sweaters, shirts, pants and jackets. Choose one with a velcro tab top for a more secure hold.

6. Use hooks and strips. With your closet door wide open, you can identify the dead or unused areas and begin to fill that space in. Hooks fastened to the back wall, including removable COMAND strips can hold a broom or a mop. They’re also good places to hang a cap or a hat.

Staying Organized

Discuss with your roommate the importance of keeping the closet organized. Each person should keep his or her side of the closet in order and never shall the twain overflow to the next compartment. If closet room is still a premium, then invest in low bin boxes that can stack on top shelves or be shoved underneath bottom shelving. Apply these same organizing tips to your kitchen area and your in-dorm bathroom if you have one.

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