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How to Spend Thanksgiving at College

Contrary to what some people think, not all college students are able to get home for Thanksgiving break. Indeed, some colleges hold classes the first two days of the week before giving students off for the rest of the week.

Education Tips

Get Ready For Freshman Orientation

Your shopping is done and your bags are nearly packed. In a matter of days you will take to the road and head off to college.

Education Tips

Your First Semester at College: How to Prepare

With high school now behind you, it may be time for you to turn your attention to higher pursuits. Namely, your higher education or what is best known as college or university.

Personal Advice

Dorm Living: What to Bring With You to College

As you prepare to leave for college for the first time, you’ll need to make a list of what to bring with you. And that list needs to be comprehensive to include everything from your personal effects to furniture.

College Living

Dorm Room Closet Organization Strategies

One area of surprise for incoming college freshman when they complete freshman orientation is their dorm room. Not just the personality of their dorm buddy, but the layout of the entire room.

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Emergency Tips for College Students

Tweet When a disaster does come up, we can hope that everything falls into place or, in the case of a pending event such as a late-season hurricane or a

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Off to College: Settling In

Tweet Within the next few days you’ll be starting classes, buying books, reviewing the semester’s class requirements and meeting new friends. If you’re already settled in at college, then this

Personal Advice

Off to College: What to Bring

Tweet If you’re lucky, your college may even allow you to bring with you a small pet such as a canary or a hamster, but cats and dogs are rarely

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How to Put Up With Your College Roommate

Tweet Whatever, you’re stuck with your roommate for the rest of the academic year. And, if you don’t learn to get along, you’ll both be driving each other crazy, perhaps

Campus News

Off to College? Get Organized!

Tweet An organized student is one who has mastered the complexities of college life and has discovered that he can still have some fun and achieve his goals. Let’s take

Personal Advice

Keep It Simple With College Furniture

Tweet By Anne Bouman With the great expectations that accompany moving into one’s own space, practical concerns often fall to the wayside. I distinctly remember convincing my brother and dad

Fun News

Making Your Apartment or Dorm Feel Like Home Sweet Home

Tweet By Veronica Davis Home sweet home does not always have to come in the form of an actual house with a mortgage. If you live in an apartment or