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Campus Life

Maintaining Optimal Air Quality in a Dorm Room

Tweet With this in mind, here are some tips to help you have a proper air quality in your room. The Need for fresh and clean air To begin with,

College Living

Dorm Room Closet Organization Strategies

One area of surprise for incoming college freshman when they complete freshman orientation is their dorm room. Not just the personality of their dorm buddy, but the layout of the entire room.

Study Tips

How to Create a Functional Study Space in a Dorm Room

Tweet Professors do not care about whether or not a student has an easy time studying, and in many cases, they likely do not even know the students name. It’s

Personal Advice

Dorm Life: Grin It, Bear It or Make the Most of It

Tweet By Amanda Green There are ways to spruce up your dorm room, inexpensively, so that it doesn’t look like a cell from Sing Sing. You can not only make

Personal Advice

Are You Heading Off To College This Fall?

Tweet Incoming college freshmen are just now finishing their high school studies, with some having already graduated while others still must take their final exams before their required schooling comes