Useful Tips for Keeping a Dorm Room Organized

Useful Tips for Keeping a Dorm Room Organized
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    For lots of people, their college dorm room is their first home away from home.

    It's the first place you're almost entirely responsible for if you come from living with your parents.


Unfortunately, dorm rooms don’t often have spacious floor plans. This means you need to think a little more about how to set up the space. We’ll give you some useful tips for keeping a dorm room organized so that you don’t end up living in a cluttered mess.

Declutter Before Arrival

The first tip takes place before you even get to the dorm room itself. Your dorm room will likely be smaller than your room at home, and you might even share it with another person.

This means you’ll need to be a little pickier about what you bring with you since not everything will fit. While you pack to move into your dorm room, start setting aside clothing and other items you don’t need that you can donate somewhere useful.

For instance, you can call a Purple Heart pickup service. You’ll get a fresh start with your belongings and have more space to work with when you arrive.

Find Your Workspace

You’ll want to work on your schoolwork in your room at least some time, so it’s a good idea to cordon off a specific area for it. Having a dedicated area for doing schoolwork and studying can help you focus better.

Once you know where this workspace will be, try your best to keep it clear of other messes that might distract you while you’re trying to work.

Utilize All Available Space

One useful tip for keeping your dorm room organized is to find all the available space you can and use it, no matter where it is. You can place things in the back of your closet, underneath your bed, or on hanging shelves.

Every little bit of space counts when you live in a small area like a dorm room. Ensure you know what space is yours and what space belongs to your roommate to get a better idea of what you have to work with.

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Work With Your Roommate

The majority of people living in dorm rooms have roommates that they need to live with amicably. While it can be difficult at times, as you’re crammed together in a very confined space, you’ll want to come to an agreement about whose space is whose.

Contacting your roommate before you move in is also a good idea. You can collaborate on who will bring certain appliances. This way, you won’t have duplicates taking up space.

Set Aside Time To Clean

College is a busy time, but you shouldn’t use school as an excuse not to clean up your living space. Setting aside time for regular cleaning in your schedule will help you remember to stay on top of it. Choose a day when you’ll have a bit of free time and use it to keep things organized and neat.

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