7 Steps to a Job This Summer

7 Steps to a Job This Summer


College students will find the job pickings slim this summer as persistent high unemployment and economic doldrums keep businesses from relaxing enough to hire. If you’re looking for work, there are some things you can do to make some money, provided you take under consideration the following seven steps:

1. Your resume — You have a LinkedIn page and you’re extremely comfortable with telling everyone about your capabilities through social media. All well and good, but you still need a hard copy of your resume. Why? Because some companies require one, that’s why. Someday we’ll dispense with paper, but you’ll still need to show your capabilities to a recruiter in a traditional resume format, therefore head down to your college and career department for some assistance.

2. Look the part — Cut offs and t-shirts are fine around town or in your home, but not when you’re interviewing. We’ve been spoiled by high tech companies such as Google where employees can wear what they want, but most fields require applicants to be presentable. That means losing the nose clip, tongue piercing and covering up your tattoo. For guys, the five o’clock shadow look is much too grungy for more traditional companies.

3. Apply for federal work — The bloated federal government is hiring, but that hiring frenzy will soon come to an end if Congress takes an ax and whacks runaway spending. Workers are always needed and you may be able to spend a few months in D.C. learning how the system works. Search www.usajobs.gov/studentjobs/ for current opportunities.

4. Go back — Contact former employers to see if they’ll take you back. You’re already a known quantity and your paperwork is on file. If you left under good terms, you’re already a good candidate for whatever job is offered. You may even be able to take on more responsibilities this year too.

5. Visit your bank — Your family’s relationship with a bank can lead to a job as a teller for the summer. Teller turnover is always high and shortages occur during the summer as workers take time off to be with their families. Approach the bank manager with your resume, explaining to her that your family is a customer.

6. Flip burgers — Yeah, working at McDonald’s is beneath you. But, should it be? The burger giant recently put out the “we’re hiring” sign at retail outlets across the nation, with plans to hire 50,000 managers and crew. You can bet that some positions will remain open this summer until young people like you step forward.

7. Do it yourself — The Internet has opened doors for employment that didn’t even exist a generation ago. Post your talents on Craigslist and other websites, offering to help a company build its website, tweet on its behalf, walk or sit dogs, mow lawns, watch young kids or take on an assortment of other projects. Yes, do what your parents did and take on those odd jobs just waiting to be done this summer.

Will you find work? Sure, if you’re persistent. Jobs rarely fall into anyone’s lap, but you’re not “anyone” or are you?


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