Fitness Ambition and How to Get It

Fitness Ambition and How to Get It
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    You’re out of shape or simply have fallen behind on your exercise routine.

    You could offer up all kinds of reasons why you haven’t been exercising, including a busier than usual schedule, changing weather conditions and a general lack of interest.


Exercise tips for college students.

Even so, you know better than that: exercise does your body and mind good, therefore you have decided to make fitness a priority. Here’s how to regain the ambition you once had.

1. Work with a trainer. Perhaps your ambition has fallen because you simply do a bad job of motivating yourself. Don’t feel bad about that — a lot of people cannot pursue a fitness regimen on their own for long. They need someone to provide motivation. This is where a personal trainer comes in: you’ll get another person to take charge of your fitness routine, a professional who will hold you accountable to exercise on a regular basis. If you can’t afford a trainer, find a friend or a relative who can provide similar support as your seek to get fit.

2. Make a smooth transition. For some people, beginning or returning to an exercise regimen is simply too tough of an adjustment to make. Going from zero exercise to working out three, four or five days per week is simply too hard. If this is how you feel, then simply do this: start simply and then work your way up to a more strenuous workout. You may want to start out doing water aerobics or taking a yoga class weekly. You can supplement that class by increasing your walking or riding a stationary bike as you watch the news. Once you get in the habit of working out, then gradually increase your routines. Within a few months you’ll be back to where you once were.

3. Make it fun. One thing that keeps people from working out is the drudgery of following a routine. It isn’t that they don’t want to exercise, it is participating in something that they really do not want to do. Luckily, there are so many different ways to exercise — you aren’t locked into just one. In fact, the routines you like are the ones you should purse. Some people prefer strenuous workouts and think nothing about going to the gym at 5 a.m. for 45 minutes of strength training. Others prefer something easier and more predictable, such as dog walking, riding a bicycle or casual swimming. Don’t worry about how others approach their fitness — find what you like doing and you’ll reap the benefits.

4. Keep your shoes with you. One way to ensure that exercise is never far from you is to bring your running shoes with you. Here, you’ll pack your shoes as you head to work, go to the mall, visit a friend or head to the airport. When the chance comes for you to exercise, then you can don your running shoes and begin your work out. It doesn’t have to be long nor does it have to be intense — grabbing five minutes here and there is better than no time at all. Do this several times during the day and you’ll gain a benefit.

5. Establish a goal. For some people, motivation comes by setting a goal based on their performance. That goal may include: losing two dress sizes by next June in time for my daughter’s wedding. Or, walking two miles without feeling out of breath. The goal should be reasonable, attainable and something you know that you want to reach. Oftentimes are personal ambition will carry as far provided we create a goal with a clear outcome.

6. Reward yourself. One way to stoke your ambition is to have a prize waiting on the other side. No, not immediate gratification, but something that you have been putting off buying or doing. You could tie your exercise regimen to reaching your goal — such as taking a cruise vacation only after you have been exercising steadily for six months — or by reaching some other goal. The reward can be anything, but it should be something you give yourself after attaining your goal.

Fitness Ambition

Ultimately, you have the one to decide that pursuing a fitness routine is worth it. Once you begin, you may need to try several ways to keep yourself going. As long as you are working out it doesn’t matter what the motivators are. Just stay with it and you’ll never regret your decision.

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