Staying Organized: Six Tips For Students Living With Roommates

Staying Organized: Six Tips For Students Living With Roommates
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    If you're going to college and you're not living with your parents, chances are you're going to have roommates.

    Living alone is simply too costly for most college students.


While having a roommate can actually be fun and make spending time at home more enjoyable, you do need to take some extra steps when it comes to organization if you want to keep your place clean. Use these six tips to make sure your living space doesn’t turn into a mess.

Have Separate Areas

It’s fine to combine communal items to make yourself a decent living room, but giving each other separate areas to furnish can make the task much easier and ensure you don’t have a cluttered space. You also need to make sure each person has a separate storage area so individual items don’t spill over into common spaces.

Divide the Shelving

Some areas like the bathroom are going to need to be shared. To do that efficiently, divide shelves and drawers so each person gets their own space. The kitchen pantry is also a good place to do this.

Use Dividers

Dividers are ideal for sharing common areas like bookshelves, and even divided trays on the coffee table can keep things organized while making sure everybody can find their keys. Dividers help to limit messes and make it clear who owns what. That’s important when you’re sharing space with people you don’t know intimately and nobody is sure who owns which book anymore.

Use Stackable Bins

Stackable bins are perfect for smaller spaces when you have lots of stuff to store. Since they can be filled and stacked in the closet or an unused corner, you won’t be taking up tons of space in your home, but you’ll have everything you need nearby. Stackable bins from Quantum Storage are great for everything from seasonal items to school supplies.

Build Up

Cheap bookshelves and storage systems are everywhere these days, so take advantage of your home’s walls and build upward. You’ll have more floor space and be able to keep more things where they are accessible. Just make sure you fasten large, heavy shelves to the wall.

Talk More

When you live with roommates, especially if they aren’t your lifelong friends with whom you have an unspoken bond, you need to communicate. If you’re having a problem with organization or cleanliness, talk to your roommate about it. Better yet, set up a regular time when you can discuss household matters so it won’t seem like one person is always nagging another about their shared space.

When living with roommates, it’s important that you set boundaries and expectations early on to stay organized and avoid hurt feelings. These tips can help you keep the place clean with little extra effort.


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