Designing a Dorm Room that Fosters Productivity

Designing a Dorm Room that Fosters Productivity
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    Looking back on my college days, I can say they were a unique combination of laughter, friendships and exam concerns, but this one is for sure.

    The dorm quarters were the last on my list when studying locations are in question.


University dorms are infamous for their rather tiny rooms. One overly zealous move and there you are intruding your roommate’s part of the territory. Place an item away from its designated place and you get instant mess effect. Also, closets can be a major issue, especially for girls.

All of this is considerably affecting the learning process making us feel constricted and tense, so we have come up with some solutions for the dorm room productivity optimization.

Suitable bed

A genuinely comfortable sleeping nook, ideally featuring a comfortable mattress and an anatomic pillow is the absolute minimum for good end-of-the-day rest. Additionally, acquire the necessary bedding, versatile quilts and other blankets for the long poorly heated up winters on the college premises.

The regular size of beds is around 90 by 200 centimeters, so you need to pay attention when shopping and adjust the related accessories around these numbers. Get a few smaller pillows featuring decorative patterns to easily transform a bed into sitting furniture. For the occasional guest sleepovers or troubles with tough beds, acquire an air mattress to tide you over during restless nights.

Indispensable carpets

Not having rugs may be maintenance friendly, but it’s terrible for the noise reduction and room warmth. A modestly-sized rug that offers a sea of tint variations is a great answer to our decoration problem, and it can positively cheer up anyone threading upon it.

Since students are a busy crowd, getting online is a wonderful shortcut, especially now that online stores surpass the physical ones in supply and prices. Dive in the warm and cozy flatweave runner rugs offer and find your perfect study sidekick.

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Handy whiteboards

As we have already discussed the problem of dorm room minuteness, it’s recommendable to find alternative ways to exploit its surfaces. The door can effectively serve us as a hanging station for a petite whiteboard. Naturally, you would utilize the inside part of the door for it. The whiteboard itself can have a number of functions: scheduler, notepad for the must-not-forgets in the morning or a communication means for the roommates.

On the other hand, you can position it on the outside and jot down messages for the floor neighbors. Promote social involvement and get some answers for your thesis perhaps by posting a survey for the passers-by. Oh, yes, leave a marker too.

The storage frustrations

If the campus rules allow it, get rid of the chunky closets in your dormroom. Huge closets take up excessive space you can employ differently. Instead, it would be wise to obtain or construct an under-the-bed drawers. Also, avoid clogging the space with empty bags and suitcases in which you brought your possessions. Consider getting an additional storage outside the room (or campus). In the end, you’d have a nice orderly space for undistracted studying.

Multi-functional boxes

I shall take a wild guess and say that your desk and the rest of the room is constant exhibition for collection of textbooks, scripts, notebooks and various stationery. The chaotic setting is completely understandable in the exam period, but even then it can obstruct our learning process.

A simple decorative solution for this problem is the attainment of big, colorful boxes. Not only can you select a desired tint (soothing green, vibrant orange, etc.), but the shapes and sizes can be customized to your needs. Pack the material that’s not currently in use and clear up your learning arena.

Final tip

There’s something we want to direct your attention to in particular. One common mistake of the enthusiastic decorators can lead to unfavorable results. Make sure to select the overall idea and devise a solid plan. Overdoing the room makeover can additionally congest the space and worsen the situation.

The college period doesn’t have to be remembered as painful due to lack of spacious quarters. Check out our tips and make the best out of the room at your disposal.


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