Free College Education – How America can Benefit

Free College Education – How America can Benefit
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    While quality education is not among the basic human needs, the numbers of things that rely on it make some people believe that it ought to be.

    The problem comes in when this obviously important activity is charged so high that most cannot afford it.


The following are among the reasons why college education should be free for everyone.

Higher economic growth

Free college tuition would not only benefit the students who would receive it, but also the entire nation. Today, most jobs are knowledge-based and this is only going to increase. The result of this is that only those with the best education are getting these top jobs.

Free college education would impact these skills in demand to more people. The result of this would be more of the country’s workforce acquiring top quality skills. A country with a well-trained workforce is bound to enjoy the increased production, high employment rates and an overall higher growth of its economy.

Opening doors for students from poor homes

Almost as important as benefiting the entire nation is the allowing of top performing high school students to apply to the most challenging colleges. As it stands, most of the top performing students in high schools fail to get into the best colleges and universities. The result of this is that some of our most brilliant minds fail to realize their full potential.

Lack of the needed school fees denies these students the opportunity of achieving their goals. With a free college education, our best high school students would get into the best colleges and university. This would lead to the closing down of the gap between the rich and the poor in most communities. Another result would be that some of these kids could invent the next big ideas and help move the human race to the next generation.

Increasing social cohesion

Further from the economic reasons but also as important are the philosophical reasons. Currently, the best opportunities in life are mostly achieved by the rich. To move from where we are to a place where anyone can achieve their dreams despite their social background, a few things need to change.

At the top of the list of these things is the making of college education free to everyone. Doing with this would allow us to relieve the pressure on the poor and the middle-class groups. The collective intelligence and goodwill in the country would lead to a rise in social cohesion. Increased social cohesion would allow the country to be on its way to leaving behind some of the social vices that we have all struggled with for such a long time.


Clearly, making college education free for everyone would benefit the whole country in many ways. Among these is a rise in employment levels; this means that more people have an income and the country’s economic growth would increase.

Deserving high school students would get access to the best colleges. This would see these students get good paying jobs that would allow them to assist their parents back home. In doing this, the gap between the rich and the poor would be gradually reduced.

Doing away with tuition fees in college education would also result in allowing every student to have an equal chance at succeeding in life. Equal growth in all communities would lead to the rise in national social cohesion due to the fact that no one community would be left behind in development.

Seeing that this single change in our education system would lead to such immense changes, we should all push to make this a reality. You can all help in spreading this message by sharing this article on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Achieving this dream would not only bring positive change in our lives, but also the change would affect the rest of the country.

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