How to Fund Your Education in Spain

How to Fund Your Education in Spain
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    Education has never been more important than it is today.

    With the rising competition in the job market, the only way to stand out above the rest is to get a higher degree and a better education.


Studying in Spain is a great way to put yourself ahead of others and increase your chances for a better life. The only challenge is that education abroad comes at a cost. And while Spain’s own is considerably cheaper than most parts of the world, you still need to think of how you’re going to fund your travel, accommodation, and tuition expenses.

This article shares 7 best ways to get funds for your education in Spain.

1. Educational Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become quite popular as a means to finance study abroad. Students are using services like Go-fund-me to connect with friends, family, and well-wishers to help them achieve their dream of a better education.

If you’re wondering, Crowdfunding is a process of raising targeted funds from a large group of people who each contribute virtually. Educational Crowdfunding, in this case, is the process of raising funds for educational expenses.

Here, funds are collected in a mass level form and then used to support the efforts of the one who started the process.

How is it done?

Firstly, you can use your social media platform to send out an appeal for help. Fans, friends, and family can throw in their donation to an account that you provide.

Secondly, you can use any of the popular Crowdfunding websites. Most of these are free to use. So you sign up, create your appeal, and share it as widely as you can on social media platforms. For this to work, you need to develop a mission and communicate your goals. Remember that a lot of the people that will contribute are strangers. So they need to know the background story as well as how you intend to use their contribution.

Thirdly, some institutions incorporate Crowdfunding platforms onto their websites. If you’re enrolling in a college or universities that have this feature, then use it as a resource to get funding for your education.

You don’t need to let lack of funds stop you from pursuing your dreams. If you’ve gotten the education opportunity in Spain but don’t have the means to finance it, ask the crowd for help. They always come through, although not ever fully, but at least they can get you an inch closer.

2. Scholarships

Another way to fund your education in Spain is with a scholarship.

Unfortunately, scholarships are not easy to get since you will be competing with many other applicants. So if you want to better your chances, you will have to focus on more specific scholarships such as for students with disability, bright students, needy students, mature students, undergraduate, postgraduate, etc. This is the only way that you to enhance your chances may have a better chance.

Note that today, scholarships are not only awarded based on academic or extracurricular excellence but based on many other things as well.

Some scholarships are awarded to students who have a record of volunteering efforts. Others are awarded to students who have managed to maintain good grades while balancing school and work while others are passed out on the merit of interest, depending on which course you intend to pursue. It could be because you want to purpose law, medicine, engineering, IT, disaster management, or even theater.

There is aid available to everyone. You need to dig deeper and find one that’s suited for you. When you get one, two or even three, go ahead and make your application making sure to fill out all the paperwork carefully so you can get it in on time and get set on your journey to quality education and a better future.

As you consider applying for a scholarship, remember that unlike loans, you won’t need to pay this back upon graduation. Besides, at the end of every year, most of the scholarship money remains untouched in many organizations and institutions simply because nobody applied for them. This is the more reason why you should consider financing your education in Spain with scholarship money by applying for as many of them as you can.

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3. International Students Grants

Away from scholarships, international students’ grants are a great option to get funds for education abroad. If you have the sheer academic prowess and convincing need, getting a grant to further your studies in Spain can never be a tough undertaking. Such grants are usually easily available, only for deserving students, in Spain and in most parts of the world too.

There are grants for bright but needy students, and there are grants assigned to students in struggling countries. If you fall into any of these categories, finding student grants should not be a problem.

Grants offered to international student’s cover almost of the expenses of studying abroad including travel, tuition, and maintenance cost. The only limitation is that the prize money in these grants is subject to a student’s all-round academic and athletic prowess as well as a moral strength of character.

4. Student Loans

Another option that you can take advantage of to fund your study in Spain is to apply for a student loan. This means seeking financial help from banks and other financial institutions.

Now a student loan can help you cover all your study expenses, but the fact that you have repay after school, and with interest, is not motivating. Also, you need a consigner to be able to get a student loan. Without one, getting an educational loan may prove difficult.

Apart from banks and other financial institutions, governments also offer educational loans at reasonable interest rates. These are also easier to repay. The problem with government loans is that there are so many requirements that an applicant has to meet before qualifying for a loan. Also, the qualifying amount is often dependent on some aspects, including family background, age, the program you intend to pursue, etc.

5. Find a Job

When you run out of options for financing your education in Spain, telecommute jobs are great when you need to raise that extra cash. And the good thing is that there are so many of these that will allow you to work in your free time and provide you the income necessary to continue your education in Spain.

Whether you’re interested in online jobs such like transcription and data entry, helping out at a local fast-food joint or tutoring, there are limitless positions in Spain that will allow you to work during your free hours. You have to admit that it can be an uphill task holding down an extra job, mainly if you’re already working a full time one in addition to studies.

Thankfully, Spain’s education system doesn’t require you to be in school all day, 365 days a year. You only go for two semesters of four months each. There is a very long vacation that starts towards the end of May up to mid-September. You can use this time to work and raise money for when you resume school.

Please note, part-time jobs won’t be enough to raise all the money you need for your education, especially the tuition fees. So you can only do it as a means to supplement what you get from other sources like family, scholarships, etc.

6. Support From Family

If you’re lucky enough to have a family that can support your dream of an education in Spain, then the better. You don’t need to go looking for loans or soliciting for help from the crowd. Just talk to your family about your plans to study in Spain and your need for funding.

Family, if capable, will ensure that you get the necessary amount of money to cover your educational and travel expenses. In any case, most students that choose to study abroad do that with the support of family. And if what family can offer is not enough to cover your educational expense, you can always get a job to supplement.

other valuable tips:

7. Save!

When you find that you’re not able to pay for school right now, then it might be best to hold back on your plans for a while. You can delay your schooling in Spain for one or two years to be able to work and save for the expenses.

As you wait, you’ll need to work extra hard to bring in more revenue which you can stash away. Being able to pay for your education abroad with your own money will provide you with a greater sense of fulfillment. It will also help you to eliminate future financial burdens that arise from paying off loans for a long time.

As you know, education has become so critical in today’s competitive world. To be able to survive, you need to learn. So don’t get left behind in a depressing job or worse, without any job at all. Take advantage of any of these methods to get the necessary funds for your education in Spain and make a better life for yourself.

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