Is GPA Important to Your College Application?

Is GPA Important to Your College Application?
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    When college applications are looming, you may be working hard to boost your GPA as much as possible.

    However, there is conflicting advice out there as to how important GPA can be to a college application.


While some people insist it’s the biggest factor in getting you into a school, others argue that it’s only one thing that is looked at. So, is GPA really that important when you apply to college?

Most Colleges Have a Certain GPA in Mind

GPA is an important metric when it comes to assessing a student’s performance. It shows how well they’ve worked in high school and gives an indication of whether they can cope with the demands of a specific college. Therefore, students will be encouraged to apply to colleges that have GPA requirements that are close to their grade.

It is easy to find out the requirements of various colleges. Some institutions will publish their GPA requirements, while others are cagier about it.

You simply need to search for the American University GPA, or that of the school you want to apply to, and you can get a general idea of what they’ll be looking out for.

Good SAT Scores Can Help Too

If your GPA isn’t great, then you can make up for it by getting a good score on the SATs. Some people argue that SATs are more important than GPA, as SATs are a standardized test, while a good GPA simply shows that you’re one of the best students at your high school.

Not expecting great SAT scores? It’s worth really knuckling down and trying to improve them. Tutoring can be a good way to do so, especially when it comes to subjects you struggle with, or you could take a course to help bring up your overall score.

Taking Advanced Courses Can Boost Your Application

Another factor colleges will often look at is ‘rigor of schedule’, which is how many advanced courses you took and the academic strength of your high school. Not all GPAs are equal; some places make it harder to achieve the higher grades, so colleges won’t just look at you as a number.

other valuable tips:

Many Factors Are Considered

While GPA is important, admissions teams also want students who are well rounded, so they will also look at:

  • Your passion for the subject and how you’ve pursued it
  • Any extracurricular activities you have taken — quality is better than quantity here, especially if you have held a position such as treasurer or secretary
  • Any work experience or internships you’ve completed
  • What your teachers say about you. A good recommendation letter can catch a college’s attention

While your GPA is important to college admissions, it’s not all that’s considered in the admissions office. There are lots of things that the admissions team looks for, so even if your GPA has slipped or isn’t where you want it, there is still a chance of getting into an excellent school if you have other things to offer.

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