4 Smart Tips for First-Time Nannies

4 Smart Tips for First-Time Nannies
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    Nannying is the perfect job for a college student.

    If you have just jumped on the nanny train and are new to this job, you have happened upon just the right information.


Below, we have provided you with a few smart tips for first-time nannies that will make this new job a great one! Don’t let the newness of it overwhelm you. Stay positive, and it will be the perfect college job you have been looking for.

Pick the Right Family

Choosing your employer carefully is the most important step! Don’t just take the first nannying job you can find. If you happen upon the right family for you, the job could add such positivity to your life.

Not only is good chemistry an essential part of any caregiving relationship, but working with a family you enjoy spending time with will allow you to look forward to coming to work every single day. Finding a family that has the same values as you, as well as one whose needs match what you can provide them, is key!

You don’t want either side to be disappointed in this relationship, so finding the right family for you is a must.

Say No When Warranted

It can be hard to say no, especially if you are the family’s only caregiver. However, sometimes, the situation warrants it.You can be accommodating and flexible to provide the family what they need without giving up all your free time.

You don’t want to work your life away and not be able to enjoy the wonderful parts of college, so it’s vital to find that balance between providing the family what they need and knowing what you need.

Establish Boundaries

When nannying for a family, it can start to feel like you’re part of the family. While it is great that you have a positive and close relationship, never forget that you are working for them.

It is indeed still a professional relationship, and they don’t need to know every detail of your life. Setting boundaries and keeping them will allow for this relationship to stay positive and close without personal details getting in the way.

Stay Positive

This can be very tough, especially when you are in a situation where the kids are acting out or not listening. You can’t go to your office or walk away from the scenario, so staying positive and handling the situation to the best of your ability is your only course of action.

other valuable tips:

You also don’t want to be a bad influence or negative role model for the kids, so ensure that your demeanor remains professional and responsible—even when you’re frustrated.

While nannying can be the perfect job to make money during college, it can also go the other direction if you don’t get the right start. You want to be happy in your job choice, and you want the family to be happy with their choice in you.

Following these tips for first-time nannies will help you make that happen. Get searching for the perfect family, and before you know it, you will have some spending money in that wallet of yours!

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