Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil

Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil
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    Due to its close relation to marijuana, CBD oil has been wrongly stigmatized as being the same as any other drug.


This stigma has given rise to quite a few myths that have downplayed the benefits of CBD, when in reality, it’s a very natural form of stress and pain relief with no serious repercussions. Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions about CBD oil so you can see how beneficial it really is.

“CBD Gets You High”

Likely the most common misconception is when people confuse CBD as simply another form of marijuana. While marijuana does contain CBD, the chemical THC is what actually produces that intoxicating “high” when cannabis is smoked.

CBD products can, however, contain trace amounts of THC when extracted from cannabis, but luckily there is another source to get CBD. The hemp plant is rich in CBD but only contains as much as 0.3% THC, which is completely ineffectual.

“CBD Will Fail a Drug Test”

The next most common misconception about CBD oil—as a result of the first—is that even if CBD doesn’t get you high, it will create a false positive should you ever need to take a drug test.

Rest assured, as this is not the case, simply because drug tests do not look for CBD in your system—they are looking for THC. So, unless you specifically get a tincture that purposefully adds THC, you won’t have to worry.

“CBD Is Illegal”

Thanks to the very recent 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, the cultivation, harvest, and extraction of hemp is completely legal. In fact, you might see CBD products becoming more commonplace in convenience and drug stores being sold just like any other over-the-counter medication.

While some states may have differing details in their laws for CBD, rest assured that there is nothing illegal about commercially sold CBD products.

“CBD Must Be Smoked”

Thankfully, that’s not true! Once CBD became more common, a variety of products was developed to consume it.

You can easily consume CBD oil as a capsule, just like you would a morning vitamin; or, you can incorporate CBD oil into your cooking for edibles that are enjoyable and provide the benefits of CBD.

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“CBD Is Sedating”

While CBD is helpful for getting you to relax, a common misconception because of this is that CBD itself is a sedative that makes your body relax or induces sleep. Instead, it calms the production of hormones such as cortisol in your body so that you can obtain a clearer headspace.

When you’re not fretting and worrying, you’re able to take your mind off your problems and then make the effort to relax. CBD itself does not relax you—it simply gives you the opportunity.

This goes back to the myth that CBD has an intoxicating effect. Just remember that taking CBD is the same as taking medicine or vitamins—it’s only supplemental to your body’s natural processes.

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