Handymans You Should Have On Speed Dial If Living Off-Campus

Handymans You Should Have On Speed Dial If Living Off-Campus
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    Renting an apartment as a student can be a very challenging endeavor.

    If you are off-campus, everything that happens in your living space is your responsibility.

    Therefore, you must always be careful and prepared for any unexpected situation.


However, there are situations that you cannot solve on your own, whether due to a lack of knowledge or conditions and tools. In these cases, there are professionals that will urgently help you.

These are masters whose numbers you must always have on hand or on speed dial.

1. Plumber

Everyone in a lifetime, sooner or later, has to resort to the services of a plumber. The reasons can be different: blockage of pipes, breakthrough, replacement of plumbing or heating systems.

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a good master who is a professional in his field, so we will try to figure out how to make the right choice. It is quite difficult to perform high-quality plumbing work without proper experience and professionalism. Often, housing office employees are negligent in their work and do not give guarantees.

  • Duties of an experienced plumber:

    Nowadays, on the Internet, you can find a lot of ads indicating prices for plumbing services, the availability of a license, the warranty period for each type of work, a description of the specifics of the tasks performed, reviews of the work of specialists.

    So what should a professional be able to do?

    • replace radiators;
    • change pipes and sewer riser;
    • remove blockages;
    • to mount a sink, toilet bowl, dishwasher and washing machine.
  • How to find a good specialist:

    The first way is the easiest – to call the master from the household. Household numbers can usually be found in the entrances of each building.

    House managers select personnel without bad habits and are ready to pay a decent salary, but it is better to listen to the recommendations of neighbours and choose a specific adequate plumber. Get his number on time, you never know when you’ll need it.

2. Carpet cleaning

Floor carpets should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. This period may be smaller or bigger, depending on the place and intensity of operation.

Putting things in order at home using a hand wash or a washing vacuum cleaner is also realistic, but such methods do not always give the desired result. The best option would be to order a dry-cleaner of carpets in a cleaning company.

  • At home or withdrawal: what is better:

    Almost any organisation offers both options – with removal to the workshop or with the services of employees at home.

    If conditions permit, or if upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned along with carpets, then dry cleaning of carpets at home is preferable.

    Carpet cleaning should include the removal (knocking out) of dust, removal of stains and antibacterial treatment.

  • When the order is difficult – carpets of large sizes, floor coverings made of carpet with heavy dirt, the presence of stubborn stains, bad smell – it would be correct to order a dry cleaning of carpets with export. In serious companies, cleaning is carried out in special workshops and using modern effective means.
  • Washing is carried out at the optimum temperature for each product in special chambers, where antibacterial treatment takes place. After cleaning, carpets are dried in special workshops, and not on fences along the roads. So, make sure to get the number of the right cleaning company.

3. Repairman

When you are not sure who to call because of a malfunction, the number of good repairmen will help you out. But not any repairman. A real professional must have supporting documents of his qualifications.

Be careful and don’t let the scammers take your money. If the repairman is engaged in electrical installation, he must have the appropriate education and the presence of the appropriate permit.

An additional advantage will be the availability of confirming certification from manufacturers of building materials. Currently, many manufacturers conduct special seminars to teach the rules of working with their products. At the end of such seminars, each participant receives a special certificate, which he can show to a potential customer, as confirmation of his qualifications.

Choosing a good repairman for apartment renovation is sometimes an impossible task for many people. It is good if among your friends there is someone who will advise a good, trusted and reliable specialist. In this case, you can consider yourself very lucky.

4. Painter

In order for our houses, surrounding buildings and structures to look beautiful and have a longer service life, they must be constantly looked after. They need to be plastered as necessary, since cracks in the walls may appear over time, paint them since under the influence of the environment they acquire a grey appearance.

All this will significantly extend the life of buildings and improve their appearance not only from the outside but also from the inside. Without special skills and abilities, no one can do this work with high quality, and therefore there is a profession of a painter.

  • The work consists of plastering walls made of concrete or another surface, in its further cleaning and painting. It can be the walls of a building, steps, anything that can be plastered and painted.
  • The work is quite difficult since the working mixtures are heavy, the hands are in constant motion on the weight. Specialists need to stir the solution, add water to it, raise it to the required height.
  • The quality of this work affects not only the appearance of buildings or premises but also the period of their further operation. An employee in this industry must have the necessary equipment with him, with the help of which he will perform his work with high quality.

Before looking for a painter on the Internet or asking for recommendations from friends, it is important to assess the scale of the work. Make a list: what and where to paint, what preparation needs to be done.

This will help the painter to more accurately indicate the cost of work. Then you can call him since you will have his number on the speed dial.


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5. Electrician

Few can imagine their life without electrical appliances and household appliances. One way or another, we are literally dependent on electricity, which at the same time can be quite a hassle if mishandled.

How to protect yourself from unexpected force majeure in the form of equipment breakdown due to improper connection, fire in the wiring, short circuit, and more? There is only one answer: you need an electrician. Experienced. Responsible. Professional.

In fact, the work of an electrician is always necessary and important. Of course, someone is sure that there is nothing difficult in simply connecting a microwave or washing machine to the mains.

But even such things are better to be entrusted to a professional because electricity does not tolerate amateurs. An improperly repaired appliance alone can turn into a huge disaster. Never underrate a malfunction. Sometimes, good quality oven repair can save lives.

  • The work of an electrician in regular cases:

    This group includes electrical work, connecting household appliances, electrical installation in a new building / house / apartment / office, planned replacement of electrical wiring, installation of sleeping quarters.

    The most common and demanded service is the replacement of wiring and the installation of household appliances, such as a microwave oven, electric stove / oven, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

    Often, with a shortage of outlets, ordinary people prefer to use an extension cord or tee, ignoring the services of an electrician. As a result, the electric wires do not withstand the load, plugs are knocked out on the shield, the wiring melts, the outlet sparks, and sometimes household appliances completely fail.

    One has only to invite a professional electrician and all problems are solved in an instant: the master will lay new lines with sockets; will tell you how to unload the network; install machines; will advise which extension cord to choose.

    If the task is a little more complicated – there is the development of an electrical installation plan and its implementation, for which you first need to correctly calculate the load of the electrical network in a particular section in order to avoid network overloads, and then directly carry out all the necessary electrical installation work, taking into account safety rules.

  • Electrician work in case of emergency:

    This group includes: short circuit, the fire of the wiring, knockout of shields, flooding due to breakdown of household appliances, breakdown of equipment, etc.

    In the event of a force majeure, the electrician leaves promptly to the scene. Performs diagnostics and testing to find the cause of the problem.

    Urgently eliminates the danger and carries out repairs. The professionalism of an electrician and his technical equipment play an important role in this process.

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    In our time, a good master is worth its weight in gold. It is rare to find a professional who cares not only about earnings, but also about the quality of the work performed.

    Private traders do not give any guarantee of competent service, while true professionals work in companies with a positive reputation and a license to provide electrical installation services. Make sure to get a number of a true professional as soon as possible. 

    A qualified electrician’s phone number is a must-have nowadays!


Having the right phone numbers of the needed handyman at the right time is precious. The habit of thinking ahead is very useful and can only help you.

You will always be ready and solve all problems in no time and without worries. We hope that this article helped you realise how to find the right specialist and which one to call in need.

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